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Who Else Wants to Write Great Headlines?

headlinesTo write the ultimate headline for a squeeze (or sales) page, you need the ultimate toolbox. If you know nothing about writing compelling headlines, structured titles, or how to lead a prospect to the email capture without them realizing it, then this article will be very useful for you.

Creating an eye-catching headline is fairly simple, as we discussed in our members area. But what about the content? You should be realistic, yet bold. You should be charismatic, yet not overbearing… the mixture of emotions you should feel whilst writing it, should convey to the reader easily, and be projected upon them as they read.

In all honesty, we cheat. If you are struggling to write a compelling headline, then what is the point staring at a blank page for an hour, when you could juts put one together fast by copying the successful layouts of the most popular, and the ones that work best?

Copyblogger have a comprehensive quick cheat sheet of headlines which start with the familiar (yet fantastic) headlines like “Who else wants to [blank]” and “Little known ways to [blank]”. Headlines like this work – but to make sure you are hitting the grade, you should first put yourself in the position of the reader, or get somebody neutral to test the headline first, and tell you what their emotions are when they read it. For example, if you chose the “Who else” type headline, and you were selling a coaching course, you may write:-

“Who Else Wants Immediate Success in the Internet Marketing World?”

This is an empathetic type of question and headline, and lacks the impact of something like:-

“Who Else Wants Amazing, Positive Results Every Day?”

…which is an intellectually appealing headline. Better still, why not go for an impact headline like:-

“Do You Want Results?”

This has a big impact on people, because it is such a big, open question. So, how are we analyzing this?

The Advanced Marketing Institute has a great tool to analyze headlines, and will help you market to your visitors’ emotional side. Run some of the headlines you have through the tool, and you will soon see what a difference a few words can make.

Once you get the hang of filling in the blanks on successful headlines, you will soon start to create compelling squeeze pages which demand attention, and steer the visitor down to the email capture. If in doubt, look around you, and see how the big players write their headlines. They are gripping – and they are thought provoking. By emulating these successful headlines, you will soon start to do it without thinking.

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