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When Your Writing Tank is Gassed

If you are struggling to find content, which is a subject we have covered a few times, then it may help to keep a short list blogging-contentof how to get rid of white page syndrome.

Arm yourself with methods of finding new content, or new ideas, so that if ever you start staring at the screen for longer than a few seconds, you can just reach for your list, and get writing without hesitation.

To start with, you really should have a main idea list that you work from. Include all the topics that you cover on your blog, and use this as a reference point to your list of content finding ideas. Here’s some possibilities to help you get started on subject matter.

Get angry about something.

If you look hard enough, every single day something will annoy you. Check out competitors blogs, and write down a few things that get you angry. Something in the industry that you dislike? Write it down. Something in the way a blogger presents his posts? Write it down. Getting angry about something means you will put emotion into your content, and this is always something that readers are looking for. They want to either disagree or agree with you. Give them that opportunity by making a stand on a subject.

Draw on past experience.

Is there something you did some time ago, maybe when you first started out, that really did not go according to plan? Maybe you lost money, or maybe you lost a LOT of money. Don’t you think this would make good reading for somebody who might possibly fall in to the same pitfalls as you? Helping people avoid mistakes is a great way to keep readership, and to get new readers too. A helpful blogger is never without visitors. Also, the bigger the calamity, the better!

Ask the question…. “why is that?”

A great way to come up with content, is to look at a product on the market, and ask yourself why they are providing that product to the public. For example, if you see a search engine optimization guide, and the vendor is boasting about a new way to bookmark links so they get indexed faster –ask yourself why. Why are they using bookmarking? Why would bookmarking provide better indexing than pinging, for example? Every time you ask why (you don’t even need to answer the question) you are creating content. You can question any type of method on the market, and leave your readers to come up with the answers, theories and of course – fresh content in the form of comments.

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