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When You Suck at Planning…

planningThere’s no shame in being scatter brained or if you rush through the planning phase of a project or product. Most entrepreneurs work frantically and at the last minute check over their whole strategy to see where they have skipped ahead or messed up.

It is a common trait, and one that can be trained out of even the worst prepared person on earth. Ideas can be the making of a person – if they are actually put into practice, and progressed. Unless you plan an idea, however, they are ultimately worthless.

This blog article will help you if you have problems planning or if you have a tendency to ‘wander’ when you are supposed to be focused and linear.


Not nearly a new concept, mindmaps are now commonplace (even sometimes used rather than an ebook) in internet marketing, and you will see that they date back hundreds of years. Whilst remaining on one subject, you use a mindmap to generate ideas that are semantically linked, thus creating a brainstorming session. You can find lots of online tools for mindmapping, and you can of course grab a pen and paper to do the mindmap as well. Some people don’t feel like they are doing any work unless they physically write it on paper – and sticking it up on a wall enables you to USE it rather than let it gather dust on your PC. To use effectively, you need it in front of you, where you can add and subtract elements at will.

Idea Managers

If you struggle with the idea process, where you have a genuinely great eureka moment – but then fail to follow up… only to see that idea realized by somebody else – then you’re no on your own. Many things get in the way of the idea and realization process, and that thing is management. If you manage an idea right from the beginning, with a strategy, then you will reach your goals. Companies like BrainBank Inc and software like Hype Innovation’s can really help you map out the idea right through to implementation, if you seriously struggle with the process.

Ultimately, you can be your own worst enemy, and all it takes is for you to sit back and ensure you are doing everything you can to further your ideas. If you need help with this – don’t think you are failing. It just proves you are an entrepreneur.

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