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When to Use Anchor Text, and When Not to


Anchor text links are the most common for backlinks to your website. They may come in the form of a profile link on a forum, or in an article on an article directory, or in many other formats.

The backlink of course is your juice in getting to the hallowed page one on Google for your keyword. The more relevant and powerful backlinks you have, the better it is for your ranking.

Anchor text is the keyword of your site, and this is made into a live URL, pointing to your site. If you are just looking for link juice, then anchor text is what you want.

The thing is, most people do not realize, but an anchor text is not always what you want for a good ranking on Google. The most common way for somebody to help your rankings, is to actually search for a keyword, THEN click your link on the page. Google sees this as you being 100% relevant to the searches that people are performing, and therefore allows you to climb up page one further.

It may also be that you are quite far down the rankings, maybe on page three, yet you still get traffic to your site because you have a good description. So how can you use this better? How can you have people typing in your keyword?

You don’t necessarily need people to type in your keyword, but you do need them to search Google, and click on your link in the rankings. You can achieve this quite easily by posting in forums where you know you will get legitimate and relevant traffic, but instead of putting an anchor text or a URL, just put “yoursitename.com”. If, for example, I was going to use this method with this site, I would post something along the lines of “come over and visit imsuccesscenter.com now”.

Then, people would highlight that text, right click, and (if they are using certain browsers) click “Search Google”. Otherwise, they will simply copy the URL and paste it in their browser address bar – or better still, in their Google Toolbar for their browser. This type of traffic serves you much better than anchor texts for your site.


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