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What is the Secret

What_is_the_secretYou may know of a DVD that has been made popular by many people called “The Secret”, which is based on the laws of attraction to improve your wealth, state of mind and anything else in your life you would like.

If you want to get a higher paid job, you positively reinforce this to yourself, and never allow yourself to be negative about it. For example, you only concentrate on HOW to get there, and not WHY you’re not there.

The Secret is based on a good foundation of self belief and positivity – so despite what critics may say, you cannot knock the principle. Ergo – why shouldn’t we use the very same principles (the laws of attraction) in marketing?

When you are writing a blog or sales page, the very first thought in your head should be “How can I help the reader?” – and you must think of every single problem a person may face in your niche, and ensure your product or service solves them. Whenever you get a question – put that question on a FAQ  page, and keep adding your answers. Every conceivable problem must be solved, and the only thing your visitors should feel – is positive.

You don’t have to go over the top with hype with products and services, because people buy into the kind of person you are – not what you are selling. You could simply tell possible buyers that they will improve this aspect of their business and that aspect of their business, as long as you back it up with WHY, and HOW it will improve. People do not like to read “You will make millions!” because the average Joe Public will not.

They will have a full time job, more often than not, and very little time to do anything at all. So you need to be realistic, and very positive – without being overhyped. People buy into this approach much easier. If you can get people to be positive about how they can change their problems, and how easy you can make it, then that is more than half the battle.

Too many marketers look for all angles on a visitor, when all they need to do is speak to the one thing that is driving them in the first place – what can you do to help them. Even if you are not in the information for sale business, and even if you are not into internet marketing products, you can transplant this ideology on your site quite easy. Take people’s problems, and make them into solutions. This positivity is very influential, and also contagious.

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