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What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is search engine marketing? What is search engine marketingSearch engine marketing, or SEM, is to your promotional tactics as search engine optimization is to your organic search tactics. Basically, once you’ve finished your SEO on the page, you need to go all SEM on it. This is usually done through social media venues and RSS.

There are more and more search engine marketing tactics coming out every day. Tactics for using Facebook and Twitter are constantly getting altered as smaller social media platforms start taking center stage. Sites like Tumblr are becoming more prevalent for small businesses and large websites alike, and Pinterest is emerging as a visually appealing platform for many websites to use as a way to promote physical products online.

What is Search Engine Marketing: Can Anyone Do it?

If you’re asking, “What is search engine marketing?” then you’re probably wondering if just anyone can do SEM or if professionals alone can sign up for SEM accounts. Anyone can become a search engine marketing manager. Since most avenues of SEM are free to sign up and often free to use as well, you don’t need to belong to any big-budget corporation to start your own promotions.

If you’re a newbie, however, you might want to compile a list of social media sites to sign up for and research best practices for promoting your materials on those sites. For instance, certain tactics work on Facebook and Twitter that aren’t as highly looked upon on a Tumblr account.

What is Search Engine Marketing and How Can I Start SEM?

If you want to know what search engine marketing is, then chances are you don’t know which sites to start advertising with. Let’s go over a few easy ways to start search engine marketing that give you a good idea how to manage social media accounts.

  • Facebook: Facebook best practices for marketing require making a fan page. You can have unlimited fan pages, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different pages for different products. You can either create a fan page for your business in general and promote all your products from there, or you can also create additional pages for individual products.
  • Twitter: You probably don’t want to create a Twitter account for every product. People follow other people or companies on Twitter, not products, so it’s best to create a company or website profile account and do all your promotions through that account.
  • Tumblr: You can really let your creative juices flow through you on Tumblr. Combine videos, short text snippets and photos of just about anything related to your website or business. The more visuals you can upload to your Tumblr profile, the better. Tumblr is probably the easiest and most fun social media outlet to promote yourself on, so don’t overlook this microblogging platform as a viable search engine marketing tactic.

If you still want more answers to the question, what is search engine marketing, you should also take a look at sites like Foursquare and Pinterest, which are also geared toward small business/small website promotion.

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