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Weekend Warrior: Getting Motivated for Weekend IM

If there’s anything we love to avoid on the weekend, it’s hard work. Sure, you might take a half hour out of your day to mow the lawn, fix the sink, water the plants or weed the garden. But when was the last time you sat down at your computer and plugged away for hours at a new blog post, a video review or a new eBook? That’s what I thought – you probably can’t remember.

When you work an 8-5 job, it’s tough to stay motivated once you get home from work. No one feels like plopping down in front of the computer to create content after they just worked all day long for someone else. That leaves the weekend, which is an equally evil alternative if you have a family you would rather hang out with instead. But the weekend often provides the biggest chunk of time that you can work on your online projects without too much interruption, which makes it the best time to knock out some internet marketing. Here are some ways I’ve used in the past to combat those “I don’t feel like working today” feelings that often come along with working a “second job.”

1. Listen to motivational music. I can’t survive working online without music going on in the background. Whether you flip on your iTunes radio or go to Slacker.com, iHeartRadio.com or Last.fm, you can find tons of free music on the internet through perfectly legal radio stations. Turn one on, put on some headphones to drown out distractions and see if you don’t get twice as much done as usual.

2. Make a written checklist. There are probably a dozen checklist apps and more websites than you can count where you can fill out your list for the day and auto-check them off. But there’s nothing quite as satisfying as scribbling a line through a written list after achieving a list goal. This little bit of stimulation is often enough to get me through my next task, so don’t underestimate the power of making and keeping up with a written checklist.

3. Do the easy stuff. I like to do the boring stuff, like mundane blog post writing, throughout the week. On the weekends, I treat myself to the fun stuff, like taking pictures, making a video, or creating new social media accounts. In all honesty, tasks like this are pretty brainless, yet they really get the audience engaged.

4. Make monthly weekend goals. You’ll be more inclined to complete your work every weekend if you have a written goal to meet at the end of every month. Perhaps you want to launch a micro blog every month to have twelve at the end of the year. By doing a little bit each weekend, you might reach that goal and in turn be able to reap the benefits of steadily increasing income.

5. Enlist family members or friends. It’s the weekend, so why not involve the family? Take pictures of your kids messing around the office with you; it will gain customer confidence and give you the image of a family guy or gal.

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