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SEO for 2014

SEO For 2014

In past years, companies and marketers alike have utilized every trick known to man in an attempt to “game” Google in order to increase search rankings. For the most part, it was incredibly successful.  Basically, the more money companies pumped into purchasing backlinks, reciprocal links, automated posting, article submissions to directories such as Ezine, and publishing press releases without pertinent information, the easier it became for them to increase rankings. That seems rather unfair, doesn’t it? Well Google agrees. Their latest algorithm changes that come in the form of Panda and Penguin updates have put the kibosh on these methods, ...

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making video easy

Making Video Easy: Adding Video to Websites

If you’re like me, you probably dread the thought of having to write a script, set up a camera on a tripod, get the lighting right, put up a nice background behind you and sit down to record a video. In as much time as it takes to do all that, you could practically write an ebook that you could sell for a tidy profit. But that’s not the point, is it? The objective here is to engage your audience with multimedia, not just shove more text in front of them that they probably don’t want to read anyway. In ...

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Good Website Content Drives Good Traffic

Good website content is what drives good traffic these days. All the fanciest backlinking efforts you can perform via social media, bookmarking sites, article sites and forum posting don’t substitute for good content. And if Google has their way, it never will. To a certain extent, that’s a good thing, as it puts things on an even keel for legitimate website authors. But how do you define what good website content is? Perhaps a better question would be, how do the search engines define good content? If you’re trying to please both your visitors and the search engines, this guide ...

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video marketing blogs

Video Marketing Blogs: Benefits of Vlogging

Video marketing blogs are a great alternative to regular blogging in a number of ways. Regular blogging, which is basically the act of writing load upon load of content and hoping it sticks, takes a long time, gets boring after a while unless you’re a natural-born writer, and tend to drain the life out of anyone who does it full-time for a living. Unless, as aforementioned, they actually enjoy it. For the rest of the world who gasps at the thought of sitting behind a computer all day unless it’s to play World of Warcraft, video marketing blogs offer a ...

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How to edit your videos

How to Edit Your Videos for Online Use

How to edit your videos for use in online marketing, YouTube promotions and branding is something you need to know how to do – and do well – if you want your viewers to keep returning to your website or your YouTube channel. Why is it so important that you edit videos before posting them? There are several reasons. First, edited videos show your viewers that you care about their viewing experience. Nothing screams shoddy workmanship like a video that you uploaded straight from the card on your camera. Almost every video, no matter how perfectly it was filmed, needs ...

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