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The Genius of Webinars Part 2

To stage a webinar successfully, and make money from it, you will need to have some great subject matter. Many people assume they cannot put a webinar together, because they simply do not know enough about the subject. This is easy to get round, because you can put together a webinar where you simply interview an expert in the niche. Say for example you wanted to get 100 people together for a webinar, which would last approximately 30 minutes. If you were interviewing two people who are huge in the traffic generation arena, each for 15 minutes, and you charged ...

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The Genius of Webinars Part 1

Webinars are becoming more popular with internet marketing tutors, and offer a live, interactive experience for their prospective or current clients. The amazing thing is, webinars are accessible to everyone in IM, but really should only be used by those who have a particularly good knowledge of a subject. A webinar enables people to sit and listen to you, and watch you demonstrate anything from an interactive whiteboard to a slideshow presentation. After that, you can do a question and answer session, so you had better be prepared to answer those questions!

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