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Update Your Social Media Strategy to 2013

Social Media StrategySocial media in 2013 is quite different than 2012. It’s very different than 2011. Are you using an outdated social media strategy? Have you looked at the most important changes in social media this year and adjusted accordingly? If not, now’s the time to do it. Updating your strategy will help you get more traffic, expand your reach and build a deeper bond with your audience.

Update Your Social Media Channels

In the past, Twitter and Facebook were the only two social channels of note. Now, that’s all changed. If you’re selling physical products to women, you better be on Pinterest. If you’re targeting a corporate or executive demographic, you better be on LinkedIn.

User-specific social media channels are becoming more and more important. Are you on the channels that matter most to your audience?

Update Your “Like” Strategy

Facebook has slapped or cracked down on almost all blackhat “like” strategies. Don’t even think about buying likes on Fiverr anymore. Instead, use “Like Walls” and like incentives to get as many people as possible to genuinely become a fan. That’s the only fast way to get a high “like” count today.

Update Your Mobile Strategy

Facebook has about a billion users. About 543 million use Facebook on their mobile phone. That number’s only going to grow in the future. More and more users are using Facebook exclusively on their mobile phone.

Mobile phones are every bit as important as desktop phones today. Make sure everything you link to is mobile friendly and make sure you design mobile landing pages for any social media marketing campaign.

Update Your Tracking Tools

Social media tracking tools have made leaps and bounds in the last two years. Tools can now track all kinds of stats: the speed of user growth, user engagement levels, most effective post types and more. Even Google Analytics’ host of social media tools has grown a lot. It can now automatically detect social media traffic and let you know when social media indirectly helps someone decide to buy.

Update Your Content Types

The types of content that people respond to are also changing. Two of the biggest shifts are:

  1. Active Content. Readers are moving more and more towards content that gets them to actively engage. That means apps, community forums, contests, etc.
  2. Visual Appeal. Written content is falling further and further out of favor. To really capture people’s attention, try adding pictures or videos.

These are some of the biggest ways social media is changing. If you got started on social media a while back, it’s easy to habitually keep doing things the same way. Update your strategy by making these changes and you’ll see your results improve by leaps and bounds.


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