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Types of Keywords: Picking the Right Keywords for the Task

Types of keywords you choose for your internet marketing needs Types of keywordswill dictate which visitors find your site and how they will react when they see it. In the world of internet marketing, keywords fit into three branches. We’ll talk about these three categories as well as how they relate to your marketing needs.

Certain types of keywords indicate what the user’s mentality is at the time of the search. Some signify that they are looking to purchase a product while others denote that they are simply browsing. As an internet marketer, it’s your job to look at the intent behind the keyword phrases you pick so you can drive traffic to the right pages.

Types of Keywords Denoting the Browsing Mentality

Certain types of keywords make it obvious that the user is simply trying to gain a little more knowledge about the subject. Perhaps he or she even wants to find a website with images or wallpapers, rather than information about the product itself.

For example, if a guy types in “Modern Warfare 3,” it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to buy it. He probably wants to look up the story premise, which consoles it’s available for, whether there are any cheats available and perhaps download a few new wallpapers for his desktop background. What this keyword doesn’t say is that he wants to buy the product or look at game critiques.

Targeting certain types of keywords like this can spell trouble for you if you’re trying to directly sell this game. However, if you have a video game site that is content only, and you monetize it with ads, the “browsing” keywords are just fine to target.

Types of Keywords Denoting the Product Review Mentality

Let’s carry on our “Modern Warfare 3” example with another keyword phrase: “Modern Warfare 3 reviews.” A searcher using these words is clearly interested in finding out what other people think of the game. Why? Probably because he intends to buy it at some point. But if he finds that the game gets poor reviews, he might choose to buy a competing game that was released at about the same time, such as “Battlefield 3.”

This is where you can take advantage of the situation. You can provide your own comparison tables of the game, linking to not only this game but also its competition. You can rate the game’s quality regarding storyline, gameplay, display, weapons selection, ease of movement and more. You don’t even have to play it yourself – read up on other sites like IGN, and you’ll get a good feel for what players think of the game.

Keywords Denoting the “Buying” Mentality

This is perhaps the best type of keyword for you, especially if you’re running a PPC campaign. Searchers who are in the buying mood just need a platform that is easy to buy on – and a little bit of ad copy that clinches the deal.

So what types of keywords should you be looking for? Think, “buy Modern Warfare 3” or “where to buy Modern Warfare 3” or “purchase Modern Warfare 3.” These types of keywords can be your best friends when targeted properly.

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