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Twitter, Twitter Marketing and it’s Quest for Global Domination

twitter marketingAre you a Twitterholic? Have you considered Twitter Marketing? Have you been bitten by the Twitter bug? Believe me, it won’t be long before marketing on twitter is a critical part of your marketing plan for business.

Most people have the misconception that Twitter is only for people who want to talk about “what they had for lunch” or “what music they are listening too”. If that’s what you are thinking, boy, are you in for a surprise.

What if I told you, for your business, you can dramatically increase sales, create a new stream of traffic and paying customers for under 140 characters of text? Interested? Before we get into how you can achieve those goals for your business with Twitter let me give you an idea of Twitters potential reach.

First, there are millions of Twitterers (not sure if that is the correct term but it will work for me) out there in every imaginable market all over the world. These people are an active and captive audience that send “tweets” all day long. It is amazing what you can do within the short 140 character post they give you as a “Twitterer” and if crafted right you can create a new stream of income. Take for example, Dell, a huge company selling computers for the home and office.

They have a massive Twitter following (as a Twitterer you have people who follow you to receive your messages) so they get important discount messages at more. Infact Dell dedicated an entire page to all their twitter accounts here http://www.dell.com/Twitter . Their main account has over 262,000 followers who are eagerly waiting for important messages.

Another popular Twitterer was President Obama (now merged into the “WhiteHouse” account) who used twitter to rally the troops during the election twitter marketing became an active part of his online marketing strategy. For a while he was the most popular Twitterer out there. Currently he is #3 behind Britney Spears, which is quite disturbing in it’s own right.

These guys have massive followings due to their names but this does not mean the doors are closed to the little guy. You can get started with Twitter very easily and start gathering followers and get your business message out there. Now it’s confession time, in all honesty, I had stayed clear of Twitter until the end of February 2009 and I thought I would “Give it a go.” At first I thought, “This is a waste of time” and surprisingly after just a few weeks of creating a solid following I had quadrupled my website traffic to one of my blogs and I could trace a massive bump in sales to my twitter traffic.

As of today (and in just 5 months) I have over 27,000 people following me and now I am in the top 1500 people on Twitter. Twitter has literally exploded my income and traffic and every time I post a link I have 100s of people go look at it! It is traffic on demand and well worth the time invested to grow such a loyal and dedicated following.

Now, at this stage I should blow one of the common misconceptions out of the water. For most marketers out there, they think they need to build a massive following in a very short space of time and then it’s all gravy from that point forwards.

Well, although I have a massive following, it’s not about numbers, its about the quality and interest of the people who are following you. For me, the vast majority of my followers are online business owners (as you would expect for my business). They range from internet marketers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, network marketers,

Heck you name it, they are following me and are interested in the tips, advice and links I put out there. As such there is a trust, respect and common interest, which produces far greater results that the “Spam Follow” techniques I see so many misguided marketers try and sell to the public. Here are some final tips you can use with Twitter marketing to avod some of the pitfalls many Twitter marketers fall into:

  1. Provide Value – Provide useful tips, advice and comments that help others. These get RT’d (ReTweeted or forwarded to other twitters you don’t have access to) and can help dramatically build trust, reputation and increase followers
  2. Don’t Spam Links – This is a massive turn off for people. For every 10 useful tweets put out a link
  3. Share ideas, Ask Questions, Answer Questions — Anything but “what are you doing?” unless it’s really interesting
  4. Join in with Conversations – Start networking and follow some people in related businesses and with related interests and tweet with them
  5. Share Interesting Resources – Not just what you had for lunch. Valuable information counts and builds credibility
  6. Set Aside Tweet Time – Don’t get hooked (too easy to do believe me). Dedicate 20 minutes at set times in the day to tweet and get your posts out there
  7. Don’t Neglect Your Profile – It can be a new sales page for your business if crafted correctly
  8. Follow Me – Seriously, put me on your follow list as I always put out useful marketing tips for people just like us http://www.twitter.com/SeanDonahoe

This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am going to put a course together about “Real World” Twitter marketing in the near future, so keep an eye out for that when I announce it here and on Twitter (so make sure you follow me!)

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