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Top 5 Internet Marketing Researching & Reporting Tools on the Market‏

In today’s difficult economy, more and more businesses are turning to the Internet to revive their productivity and declining profits.

Simple Internet resources including email, social media and search engine optimizations (SEO) have given even small businesses the possibility to thrive, if they know what they are doing.

The problem is, there is so much dis-information from people who just really don’t know the best ways to approach online marketing the right way.

The life-blood of any online business is “TRAFFIC”. If you can get traffic and convert that traffic you will see incredible success. One of the easiest ways to get floods of free traffic is from the search engines.

So whether you are running an agency, or doing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from home, it is important to be equipped with the right tools for the right job. That way, you are not left in the dark wondering what happened.

Not only that, there are continuous shifts in the way search engines work. So, knowing how and why these goal-posts are shifting is important.

Good Search Engine Optimization tools are the most effective way to guarantee your site’s success. Not only do they show you how to make your site more visible to the public, they also keep track of your progress.  So, with that being said, here are some of the powerful tools we like and use in our business and we will also explain why we use them as well…

Raven Tool 

Drawing its information from multiple resources, Raven Tools is reasonably priced and provides the most features of any SEO program.  The web based application collects data from a variety of sources to provide comprehensive data and reports.

Raven is outfitted with over thirty tools that can aid in SEO researching, campaign management, analysis, monitoring social media and metrics. Reintroduced in the newest version is Raven’s rank tracking capabilities.

The program also features valuable tools including link management and onsite optimization capabilities. Two versions of the program are available for purchase: the Agency account and the Pro account.

It is recommended that businesses opt for the Agency version which will allows users to gather and manage twice as many reports as Pro. The basic package can cost approximately $99 per month for the pro, and $29 for the Agency.

To get started and download these products go to www.raventools.com. At the top of the web page you will see a link that states “Free Trial,” from there you will be required to enter personal information to create an account with Raven Tools. When you are finished a box will then appear on your screen prompting the download. Follow the instructions for download and start utilizing your 30-day trial today.

Moz Analytics

 Referred to as the biggest innovation in search engine optimization, Moz Analytics is slated to replace the SEO Moz Pro application. Currently released as a beta version, the program has praised itself for taking a different approach to traditional SEO tools. Instead of managing the SEO work, the program focuses your efforts on measuring it.
However, do not be fooled, although the software is named Moz Analytics, it does not specialize in only analytic processes, nor does it monitor Internet traffic. The program is designed to pull datasets from third-parties and proprietary Moz products. One of the software’s primary features is keyword rankings and link management.

The software also comes equipped with onsite optimization, which provides the company with a “grade” based upon the onsite ranking factors. Similar to its competitors, Raven and Analytics SEO, Moz Analytics is designed with crawl diagnostic tools.

Moz Analytics range in price from $99-$599 per month and includes full access to Moz.com and its discussion community. Pricing is based on usage limits; however the product is free to try for 30-days.

To download and get started on this free trial visit the company’s website, Moz.com, and click on the button stating “Start my free 30-day trial.” After that you will then be directed to a page where you are required to enter personal information to create a Moz account, including your personal demographics, and billing information.

Once all the necessary information is completed, the website will provide you with a downloadable program. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

Buzz Stream

 Often used for large scale management capabilities, Buzz stream is designed more to aid link building processes. Thought to be more of a specialized tool for individuals more interested in large scale linking campaigns, Buzz Stream does carry a few additional features that can be utilized for SEO like rank checking and link management analysis.

However, it is important to note that users will still need supplementary tools to manage all the necessary aspects of their SEO. While it may be limited in its capabilities do not discount the program. It is an excellent software tool for link management and acquisitions on a larger scale than most programs. Setup is simple and will only take a few moments of your time.

To get started and download this program visit Buzzstream.com, and click on the Buzzstream for link building. From there, the site will direct you to pick between taking a tour and participating in a free trial, choose the trial option. You will then be redirected to another page where you will pick your pricing plan. Options start at $29 per month and maximize at $249 per month.

After choosing your option, you will be required to enter personal information to create an account with Buzzstream followed by an onscreen prompt for download. Follow the onscreen instructions to download the program and start your free 14-day trial.

Analytics SEO

Hailed as the new breed in SEO tools, Analytics SEO offers users with a wide variety of tools to aid with all aspects of the SEO process. Similar to other SEO tools such as Raven and Moz Analytics, the program features rank checking, onsite optimization and link management.

While the software may seem similar to other SEO programs, once you begin using it, you will see it is far more superior than the rest.

Prices range from $170-850 per month depending upon the plan you choose. Variety in prices is connected to the volume of sites, keywords, and monitored links.

To get started using this product go to AnalyticsSEO.com and click on the button listed as “Free Account.” From there you are required to choose your desired plan, and enter the personal information required to establish a free account.

Following that an onscreen prompt will appear, follow the instructions to download your software.


 WebCeo is considered to be the oldest SEO program on the market today. There are two versions to the software, a desktop based and the newer online version that does not require any software downloads. Regardless of your preference, both programs include the typical features like rank checking and link management.

However it also features a component not found in most programs called the Backlink Quality Checker. The online program is reasonably priced at $69 per month which includes 5 sites and 100 keywords. If you wish to use the desktop version it is marketed at $499.

To get started using this product, go to their website at www.webceo.com and click on the link marked Products. Scroll to the bottom and select the “Get Web CEO 30-Day Free Trial.” Check to make sure your system meets all the necessary requirements for the download. Once you have ensured this at the top of the page click on the download button.

When prompted click the run tab and follow the instructions.

When trying to find the perfect SEO program, it is important for you to take the time to research before purchasing any product.  Although it may be difficult to find software that offers everything you desire; we hope these top five can be a good starting place. Regardless of your choice, each of these sites will help achieve more visibility to your site.

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