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Tools of the Trade: 7 Applications and Software that Can Propel Your Marketing Business

In an earlier post, we covered some truly fascinating plugins that will be sure to help you in your site building endeavors throughout 2014 and beyond.  In this post, however, I am going to expand on our previous list a little bit and expose you to some more helpful tools that you may find extremely beneficial.  Some of these apps you may have heard of.  Some will be completely new to you.  Either way, the items listed will undoubtedly make life a little easier for both yourself and your team.  So, let’s get started!

Camtasia – Quite possibly the best screen recorder and video editor in existence, Camtasia does it all.  If you’ve been following this site for any length of time, you’ll have definitely noticed that I am a growing proponent of Youtube marketing.  With Camtasia, creating and editing videos is as simple, yet powerful as it gets.  It allows you to create custom videos from your webcam, from your screen, and even automatically integrates with powerpoint so that you can record and edit presentations.

Hootsuite – This online application allows users to manage all of their social media accounts from one centralized location.  One interesting feature that Hootsuite has that I have not found anywhere else is the ability to schedule posts.  For instance, you can create a series of posts for Facebook or Twitter and have them set to post at specific times of the day.  This saves a ton of time as you can create all of your necessary posts at one point in the day and forget it, instead of having to login and create individual posts every few hours.  This application will be sure to save you precious time.

Dragon Naturally Speaking – If you hate sitting there, tirelessly clicking away at your keyboard for hours on end, then you may be interested in this software.  Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition tool that allows you to create documents and emails simply by speaking into a microphone.  The software even configures to the user’s speech patterns over time to become even more efficient.  If you are in the midst of creating an ebook or cranking out a ton of content, then this may be something worth looking into.

Gimp 2 – This nifty little tool has proven invaluable for manipulating / editing countless photos.  It’s no secret that marketers LOVE to use screenshots of analytics, from their social media, reviews, etc.  With Gimp 2, you can seamlessly resize images, create transparent backgrounds, and a slew of other useful features.

LastPass – Imagine, all of your site logins encrypted with one simple application.  No more scrambling through documents to find login information; instead, when you reach the site, LastPass will have already filled in the login boxes with the relevant information for you.  It’s also incredibly useful if you manage a team as it allows team members to login to any account without ever having access to your login information, which is invaluable when you work with numerous contractors.

Dropbox – This file management application is a favorite to many.  Save, share, and access content from anywhere in the world.  It’s pretty awesome!

Bitcasa – Unlimited storage space?  WOW!  This file management tool uses a revolutionary storage method that allows for an exponential amount of data to be saved in a minimal amount of space, allowing for users to save an astronomical amount of data.  For a minimal monthly fee, you could theoretically upload your entire hard drive to Bitcasa with absolutely no troubles.

In the coming weeks I will create ANOTHER post that covers even MORE outstanding tools that will help you on your internet marketing journey.  Also, feel free to let me know what applications you use on a daily basis in the comment section below!

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