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Time to Go Mobile?

go_mobileYou would have to be crazy to not want a slice of the mobile phone market. If you check your emails on your mobile, and use apps, then you know the significance of mobile advertising.

Every app has the ability to display ads at the footer of the screen, which would ideally be relevant to the viewer. Just like Facebook, Apple’s iAd platform allows businesses to advertise using demographics and personal preferences.

This is the way forward for contextual and interstitial ads, because rather than hitting a broad “everyman” demographic with other ad agencies, you can literally pinpoint the people you want to target – and this means profit.

Whether you are on either end of the scale – advertising or publishing, the future is bright for mobile internet, and there are hundreds of ways you could change the way you do business, specifically targeting mobile owners.

If your blog does not have a mobile friendly side to it, then its time you created one. This can be done easily by installing plugins like WPtouch and other methods which ensure mobile viewers get a very clean and fluid version of your site, and it reacts like an app, rather than a website.

This is clearly important – that you include the needs of mobile surfers, because the mobile internet is on the rise. Couple the fact that you can serve Adsense on your site directly in a mobile phone browser, and take advantage of iAd on the Apple iPhone etc. and you are looking at a huge industry that has exponential growth capacity.

You can easily advertise products that will appeal to specific demographics, and then direct them to a website that has a built in plugin which will appear perfectly on a mobile phone. This kind of integration is now almost instant, and we rarely have to wait for online technology to meet our needs. Now it is time to capitalize.

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