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Thinking Small

think_smallThe very second you buy your first eBook that tells you how to get ranked on Google, or generate millions of visitors to your website, or how to get floods of Twitter followers bouncing around your site, you will be keen to offer the general public the most spectacular product or service possible, and start raking in the money.

Unfortunately for most, this story ends with very little in the way of visitors, and can also end up being a waste of money if you are not bum marketing. The way to get ahead is to think small.

In every niche, there are big problems that people want solving. Acne, for instance, is a billion dollar industry, and for good reason. If you were to set up a website tomorrow and try to sell acne cure eBooks, then you would be flogging a dead horse. If you try to narrow it down to a smaller problem, then you would have much better success. Lemon juice is said to have healing properties for acne scars, and is a search term that gets about a thousand or more people looking to find out if it is true.

If you tapped into this torrent of traffic, and headed up a website which debunked the myth, and then pointed them in the direction of a medium priced acne medical solution –then your success would be greatly increased.

Most people will end up trying to fix the whole world in one week with a website, and this results in them doing too much at once. If you start small, then go smaller, then you will always be in line for the best traffic, and find it a lot easier to actually help people. When you help people, they instantly trust you. It is a win-win for all concerned.

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