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The Marketing Behind the Highest Grossing Brands

A company’s revenue says a lot about its marketing strategy. The best and most successful brands financially are those that are able to attract the most customers and retain consumers with their marketing strategy.While there are certainly many ways that you can learn about marketing for your own brand, there truly is no better way to understand marketing that works than by analyzing which brands do it the best.

By reviewing how the best brands do it, you’ll be able to understand their own techniques and tweak those techniques for your own brand. As a result, you’ll not only gain a great deal of knowledge and understanding, but you’ll also be able to hopefully grow your brand in the desired direction.

Red Bull

Red bull is one of those brands that has gained popularity for its quality high-energy drinks. Aside from having one of the catchiest slogans around, “Red Bull gives you wings,” this brand has been able to develop itself from a slogan oriented brand to one that interacts with its users. Red Bull’s main marketing strategy has to do with a simple approach, and that is to provide its fans and potential customers with a website that appeals to most of their customer’s interest.

The website, known as Red Bull Fighters, delves into the world of sports, music, and concerts that fans adore. On the website, fans can interact, read content, and listen to music uploaded by the brand. With such a genius approach, it is no wonder that Red Bull has been able to boost its performance and increase sales. With that, you may want to consider a similar strategy for your brand by figuring out what your users like and approaching that fine niche. It will be well worth it.


The whole notion that a brand needs a storefront, large investments and customer outreach programs is absolutely faulty. This can be proven by looking at the brand Birchbox, which is a company that has managed to attain widespread success without most of the marketing tactics and expenditures that most brands go through. Rather than make decisions that don’t work for its brand, Birchbox has been able to take an innovative approach to its marketing strategy.

The brand’s strategy includes one simple step, and that is using a blog to reach potential customers and to retain existing ones. The log features tips and tricks to using the exact items that Birbox sells. In addition, users can leave their comments about those items, which ultimately aids the brand in figuring out which items it should retain and which it should get rid of.


GoPro, a camera brand, has also taken an innovative approach to its marketing strategy. Its marketing strategy is based on the simple premise, which is that high-quality and highly appealing photographs sell cameras. Fortunately for GoPro, such an assertion is completely true. People are attracted to photographs that are crisp, clear, and of the best quality. When they see these photos, they tend to question how they too can attain them. This is where GoPro comes in.

By establishing a place that features dozens of beautiful and quality pictures, GoPro has been able to attract buyers very easily. The website’s visual content isn’t on its own website, but on Instagram. By displaying its photos on Instagram, GoPro is also saving money on website maintenance costs and hosting.

These types of savings and the resulting success are exactly what makes the brand one of the most successful digital brands out there. At the end of the day, this just shows that if you’re creative enough, you can develop a marketing strategy that helps you save money and gain a great deal of success.


When most brands think of marketing, they think of a strategy where the limits of customer engagement are on a website, blog, or social media Lowes has done something outstanding, and that is departing from that traditional method. Rather than simply attract customers and engage them on social media, Lowes has taken to a genius marketing tactic, and that offers customers the opportunity to join “Build and Grow” clinics.

These clinics perfectly attract Low’s target audience and families. At these clinics, the company works with families and their children to build items like birdhouses and other projects. Not only does it get kids out of the house on a boring day, but it also engages the entire family.

Another benefit of this marketing campaign is that it allows individuals to revert to Lowes for any of their home projects and needs because home projects are what customers are going to associate Lowes with. The psychology behind the brand is pretty impressive, and therefore, it is no wonder that Lowes has been able to be as successful as it is.

American Express

Out of all of the credit card brands out there, American Express has to be the most popular. Not because of its interest rates or its ability to the average credit card owner, but because American Express has been able to successfully reach out to some of the best clients out there – business clients. One of American Expresses’ most popular marketing tactics is its “Small Business Saturday” program. This program is designed to appeal to potential customers by showing support for small business.

The program hosts an OPEN forum, a content hub, and social engagement that helps small businesses succeed and thrive. Currently, 67% of customers know that the program exists and many have participated in the program. With this type of initiative, American Express has been able to easily reach out to customers that may be a small business today, and a big company the next.

To further exemplify the success of this strategy, American express is one of the highest achieving brands in terms of Facebook followers and tweet retweets. It also has been able to increase its small business economy by five billion dollars – which truly is an unimaginable feat.

Dolce & Gabbana

Most of the brands on this list have consisted of those dealing with large corporations and businesses related to the home, technology, and finances. Ontre outlier that has managed to also jump on the bandwagon of a successful marketing strategy, but in a unique manner, is Dole & Gabbana. This brand is one of the most well-known and ubiquitous fashion brands in the world.

This brand’s marketing strategy is a bit more complex than others, especially because its items don’t cater to most individuals. People who purchase these products are in the high-end income spectrum and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one product. As a result, this brand has more difficulty in attracting and keeping a customer base.

However, just because there is difficulty does not mean that the brand has been unable to figure it out. Unlike most of the brands on this list that have instituted programs and established websites, D & G has taken a more unique approach by using video content for its brand.

The video content that this brand has implemented is not any ordinary type of video content, but content that is directed by one of the world’s most famous and renowned filmmaker, Martin Scorsese. By using a world-famous filmmaker the brand has been able to truly attract customers and retain them because there is nothing more effective than high-quality and beautiful cinematography to represent a brand.


Finally, there is Gatorade, the world’s most beloved sports beverage brand. Gatorade is one of those brands that has been able to successfully and artfully attract and keep customers over the years. It’s commercials and promotional marketing tactics have ranged from constantly offering national sports players its drinks on TV to portraying the positive effect of its drink during a heavy and sweat-inducing workout.

These types of methods have been nothing short of utterly successful. Gatorade’s newest marketing tactic was during the Super Bowl, where it was able to use visual and artfully done cinematography to truly capture the minds and interests of viewers. It is no doubt that Gatorade perhaps is one of the most prominent brands on this list in terms of a strong and solid marketing strategy.


Overall, marketing is a difficult job, especially if you are an exclusive brand like Dolce Gabbana, or if you are a tough brand like Gatorade. Most brands can be at utter loss as to how to conduct a proper marketing strategy, which is why noting the success and tactics of these top brands is helpful.

By observing and understanding how these brands conduct their own marketing tactics, your brand can attain its own success by trying similar moves. If there is one starting place that you should consider, then it should be blogs and video content online. These two options are pretty low cost, easy to implement, and they can have a major affect if your marketing team is able to do it the right way.

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