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The Live Experiment

live_experimentA quick look over a business forum will tell you that there are certain ways to attract hundreds of people to a thread, and make an obscene amount of money for free information.

These threads are pretty hard to pick out, because it is easy to get engrossed in good quality content on forums, and you never sit back and think “Hey, I ought to do something like that.”

This secret little tip has been earning  clever forum marketers (because that’s what they are – not forum members) a lot of money since forums were invented. It’s a method that is both easy, and fast to implement. So, the secret is – a live experiment.

Lots of people get involved in live experiments on forums, even just to spur on the thread starter, or to congratulate them on a good post. Basically, if ever you see a “60 day challenge” or “Can I make $xxx in 30 days?” thread, you interest piques, because it is human nature to be interested in tests, experiments and challenges. We love to see the outcome of something. Whether they succeed or fail, we are interested. And we visit and revisit that thread to see how they’re getting on.

So, with that in mind, you need to take a look at your products or business plan, and see how you could turn it into a live challenge or experiment. Give yourself ten days to do something spectacular. Try it first, and if you succeed, recreate it in a forum thread. And at the end, all you need to do is provide details of how you actually did it. There is your USP – you tried it live, with people watching, and with all eyes on you at the hardest and easiest stages – so you are immediately trustworthy. The thread will get traffic for months & years to come, and you will certainly get a lot of interest and contacts.

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