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The Importance of Your Brand Promise

For any individual in the field of marketing, there are a number of important facets to be aware of. When it comes to marketing your brand, there are certain strategies that can having the effect of either making your brand or breaking your brand.

One of the most important and useful strategies out there is to always ensure that your brand’s promise truly comports with what your brand is delivering your customers. To ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to your own brand’s promise, below is an overview of how to achieve a strong brand promise and why it furthers your marketing initiative.

What Makes a Brand Promise Strong

Aside from the quality of your brand itself, your brand’s strength also lies in the strength of your brand’s image. Your brand’s image is made up of a number of elements, but the brand promise is perhaps the most important.

If you are looking to achieve a strong brand promise, there are four crucial elements that you should be aware of. According to Entrepreneur, the most important elements of a brand promise are that the message needs to relay a compelling benefit to buyers, the promise must be authentic and legitimate, and most importantly, the brand must be true to the promise it conveys.

Aside from the obvious reasoning that a strong and true brand promise promotes satisfied customers, another overlooked reason is that your brand promise is also essentially an express warranty. Legally speaking, any express warranties made must be honored, otherwise your brand risks liability.

One prime example of a brand promise that made an express warranty but failed to live up to standards is Red Bull. Recently, Red Bull was subject to litigation after a number of angry consumers sued the brand for misleading customers with its famous brand promise, “Red Bull Gives You Wings.”

As a result of the lawsuit, Red Bull settled out of court for $13 million. This type of disaster should be sufficient to convince you that your brand should have a brand promise that it can deliver upon.

Making Sure Your Brand Promise Has Value

A brand promise is what differentiates your brand from competitors. With your brand promise, you have the ability to truly assert what your brand represents and what value it can bring to your customers. As a result, when you draft a brand promise, the most important element is that you make sure the promise brings value to consumers.

To reach this goal, consider highlighting what your consumers value most and incorporating that into your brand promise. For example, FedEx is a fantastic example of a brand promise that has value. The brand asserts, “Your package will get there overnight. Guaranteed.”

This brand promise reflects exactly what FedEx’s customers are looking for – quick shipments that are reliable and that reach their destination on time. You should also note that this promise doesn’t only assert something, but it also explicitly guarantees what it promises.

Symbols that Communicate Brand Promise

Once you have determined what your brand promise is and made sure that you have the major elements of a brand promise, it is also relevant to determine what symbol you can use to communicate your promise. Take Apple Brand as an example. Apple’s brand promise is “You can own the coolest, easiest-to-use, cutting-edge computer and electronics.”

To present this brand promise, the company uses a plain apple symbol that is only represented by one color. The simplicity, coolness, innovation, and ease is easily distinguished by the nifty symbol that Apple uses. When coming up with a brand symbol from your brand, try take pointers from top brands like Apple.

Keep it Different

Another important factor regarding your brand promise is that it must be different from your competitor’s own promises. There are  a few ways that consumers differentiate between brands, and one of those ways includes remembering a brand based on its brand promise.

If you keep your brand promise similar to that of your competitor, you are likely to cause confusion and lead customers to misunderstand which brand is better, yours or your competitors. To keep you brand promise different, the best thing to do is to hire a team of brand specialists who have a unique talent for growing and molding a brand into something great.

Make it Simple

In addition to keeping it different, you also want to make sure that your brand promise is simple. If you look at the examples given above, you’ll notice that there is nothing complicates about the brand promises.

Each promise is brief, to the point, and does not exceed more than a few words. The perils of a complicated brand promise are severe. Brands that implement complicated, long, and difficult to understand promises risk confusion by customers and also a lack of recognition in the industry.

Action Verbs

Finally, once you finalize the elements of your brand promise and make sure that it is different, simple, and that it has a corresponding symbol, you should give your brand promise a final review. The final review should make sure that you have enough action verbs in the promise.

For example, if you are a shipping company, then you want to use verbs such as “shipping,” “delivery,” or “tracking” in your brand promise. Verifying that you have the right words in your brand promise can make a world of difference for both your brand and for the customers who rely upon your brand.


Overall, your brand promise is one of the pillars of your brand. By ensuring that you have a strong and dependable pillar, you can protect your brand and the image that your brand holds.

If you do notice issues with your brand promise or if you suddenly are unable to deliver on the promise that your brand represents, the most advisable thing to do is to alter the promise immediately. You’ll thus protect both your brand and its image.

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