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The Guide to Getting Amazon Affiliate Approval

Anyone who owns a website or blog knows how costly maintenance and marketing can be. The most successful websites are known to have large budgets, thus making it difficult for smaller websites to compete.

While there are dozens of ways to increase funding for your website, one of the most popular ways is to tap into the advantages of Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. This problem is one of the most costless and successful money making tools for any website, especially if you know how to use it right.

To get the most out of this program and to get started, below are the benefits of using Amazon’s affiliate marketing program and how to get the approval that you need to begin your journey.

Overview of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Before you start any program, it is important to understand what you are getting into. Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is one of the prime ways to earn extra website income on the side. This income can be used for the maintenance of your website and if you earn enough, it can simply turn into revenue. The program allows users to earn four percent or more on products that individuals purchase after clicking on the Amazon affiliate links on your website or blog.

Your website can be related to nearly any topic, so long as it is reasonable and non-offensive. The registration process and getting approval is also extremely easy. Remember, the program helps Amazon more than anything. Therefore, your website is just a means to an end – which is Amazon’s success. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t stand to benefit from the program. If you take the right steps and configure everything correctly, you can earn some substantial pocket money.


The first step in the process is to go to Amazon’s affiliate marketing page and register. At the top of the page, you’ll see a tap that says, “join now for free.” To register, you need to have an existing Amazon account. After you fill in your account information after being prompted, you’ll reach a webpage that details your account information.

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to fill in the information and to gain approval from Amazon. Just take note that you want to take care to fill in the information as correctly as possible. While you can certainly go back and fix a mistake, it is best to avoid the hassle and problems.

Account Information

To gain Amazon approval after you enter your username and password, you’ll need to go through a step-by-step process. The first step is an overview of your account information. Amazon will ask you what your primary Amazon.com account address is.

The address that you use will determine where your payments from your earnings will go. The second important element that you need to look at on this page is a verification of the address. Amazon will ask you to whom the address belongs. While it is certainly alright to enter a third party’s address, it is best to use your own information.

About Your Website

This portion of the application is the most important one because it is going to determine whether or not Amazon will agree to allow you to use its affiliate marketing program. The entire next step is a profile about your website. After you enter in your webpage URL, you need to describe exactly what your website is about. It is best to be upfront and honest at this stage since Amazon is going to verify your website anyways.

The next section of this page details the topics that your website features. The list that you can choose from is very extensive. It is best that you try to choose the category that is most reasonable. Using a category that most describes your website is going to ensure that you are using the proper links for the most revenue.

After determining the type of content featured on your website, you’ll need to choose the types of Amazon items you intend your website to feature. You can choose from the main categories that are featured on the main Amazon website. Again, being accurate at this stage will help you attain the most revenue possible.

The next stage is to specific your current monetization methods. You’ll need to disclose to Amazon the main ways that you drive traffic to your website. You can choose from categories such as paid search, blogs, rebate, shopping, lead generation, offline, email, SEO, social networks, and display advertising. If your website does not fall into the main categories specified, you can also choose other.

Lastly, you’ll get to the portion of the website page where you are prompted to disclose your link building methods. You’ll also be asked how many visitors you get to your website     per month, why you want to join Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, and how you heard about the program.

Keep in mind that at this stage, you want to be sure that you do get a high level of visitors per month to your website. The more traffic your website has, the higher the chance you’ll get accepted to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program. You also want to be accurate about all the information that you enter because Amazon will be able to verify that the information is correct.

Identity Verification

The final stages of the application include verifying your identity. This portion will require you to disclose the main answers to your Amazon security questions. After you verify your identity, your website will be reviewed by Amazon.

If you are approved, you can start using your Associates Central page, which allows you to choose the products you want to feature, verify your banners, and determine where you want to post your Amazon affiliate links. When going through this entire process, there are also additional ways you can increase your chances of being accepts, ways of which will be described below.

Becoming Amazon Friendly

Amazon has a brand and image to maintain, which means that it is extremely hesitant to associate itself with websites that do not further or comport with its image. To best improve your chances of being accepted, you need to become Amazon friendly.

Keep in Check with Terms and Conditions

Amazon doesn’t really mind what your website features, so long as the content complies with its terms and conditions. This usually just means refraining from posting content that is sexually explicit or laced with bigotry. If your website contains any content that may be offensive, then it is best to take it down and turn it into a cleaner site.

Product Reviews

Another viable option to increase your chances of being accepted are to write product reviews and post them on your website. Not only will Amazon appreciate this more, but those who visit your website will be much more likely to buy into the content if you have a review about it.

The products that you post and review should also be relevant to your site. For example, it isn’t going to do much good for both you and Amazon if you feature sports products on a website that is dedicated to fashion and style. You want to feature products that your website viewers care about and are interested in.

Amazon Widgets and Banners

Another step is to add Amazon widgets and banners. When setting up the program, you can choose from a number of styles. The style that you choose should be attractive, interesting, and it should also encourage your viewers to click on it. In most cases, banners are more successful than widgets because they are more visual and larger, making them more noticeable.


Now that the most important information is covered, you may be wondering about the payment process. It is pretty simple. Once someone purchases a product that they got to through an Amazon affiliate link on your website, you get paid for that sale.

The more sales and/or the higher the price of the product, the more commission you are going to make. You usually get about four percent per share, but you can also reach up to 15% depending upon the success of affiliate links. After you accumulate $100 in sales, Amazon will send you a check. If you want, you can also opt for a bank deposit if it makes your finances easier to track.


Overall, while the program may sound tedious to get accepted into, it is actually very easy if you take the above steps. Making sure to ensure that your website is Amazon friendly, taking the time to fill out the application correctly, and taking the extra steps to ensure a successful application is going to be worth your while. The Amazon affiliate program is a great choice for many individuals that are looking to earn some extra pocket money for website expenses and more. Also, don’t forget to write splendid product reviews and add the right products to your site.

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  1. Hi Sean! very informative tips. My 1 question. I have a PDF books site where i give download links. If i apply for Amazon will i get approval? i am also using popunder ads will i have to remove popunder ads before applying?

  2. Thanks for this information. I was wondering if you could answer how long the approval process may take? I applied (with an active website with links to Amazon products) and it has been over 3 weeks and have not heard if it was approved or not. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Leona
      Sorry to say but this is bad that the admin of this website only write articles but never reply to newbies like you and me. Your account will approve when you will get your first sale. When someone will purchase any thing through your link then your account will get approval. As my experience, my site was approved when I had got my first sale. And my experience with Amazon is really good and amazing.

      • Thanks for the feedback. This is an older article so these comments slipped through the cracks. Again, getting your first sale helps but you have to be approved before you get real affiliate links. Again, follow the tips in this article and remember, Amazon is protective of it’s brand but love to have good people promoting their products.

    • The process usually takes only 24-72 hours. However, the more info you give them the better.

  3. Thank you Sir Donahoe. I am sorry for my misunderstanding. I was actually wondering and i did come here for several times but i didn’t find the answer of my comment. You are a nice man.

  4. I’ve started a 501c3 affiliate marketing site. It’s basically an Ebates clone but for charity. Members shop just as they would on Ebates, they get a 50/50 cash back split plus we donate another 20% over their 50% to a charity of their choice. We have a number of recommended top charities, The Red Cross, St. Judes, Veterans charities, United Way, Make a Wish, plus many more.
    My site is live. Everything was going well with my new developer until…she began applying to affiliates through my acct.’s with CJ & Ratuken mainly.She’s getting an 80% rejection rate. I was surprised because I tested it over a year ago by applying to Walgreens via CJ & got accepted right away. I’m looking for support info. I can supply her with that will help her figure out what’s going wrong! Your the 1st site that popped out at me from a google search. Where do I go from here? Help me Mr. wizard!

  5. This is very informative, I actually register on amazon maybe 5 days ago, Still they didn’t approve my website. I was wonder about that.

  6. Hi
    I have been watching a video on Youtube about how to get accepted fpr Amazon Affliate programme and the guy on there says to always say its for a tech related site and just make up a blogpost for that purpose just to get accepted. The original video was posted in 2013 but he has put on the title it is also relevant to 2016/ Is this correct?

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