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The Gold Standard in Market Research

Owning a brand is tough work, which means that you need to best tools available to help you succeed. One of the biggest problems for most brand owners is finding the best tools to reach success.

Market research is an indispensable resource, but finding which market research reports are the greatest can be exceedingly difficult.

To save you time and expense, this post details which market research reports you should refer to for the best information on what buyers are looking for, which demographics are interested in what items, and all other pertinent information that can help you market your product in a manner that is going to boost revenue and popularity in what you are selling.

Brain Juicer

Brain Juicer has been consecutively ranked as one of the leading market research providers in the country. Its animated website is just as attractive as the resources that it offers. Their main focus is what drives human’s decision making processes.

By analyzing these processes, brands are more enabled to understand what types of considerations go into choosing their item of others. To reach answers, Brain  Juicer utilizes psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and behavioural economics to predict customer behavior and decision making.

Their main solutions include Behavior Change Unit, Packaging, Communications, Concepts, Insights, and Ideas. With these types of systems, you can be confident that you’ll get the strong market research that you need to make your brand into the success that you’ve always wanted.

Nielsen Market Research

Brain Juicer is the creative approach to market research, but if you are looking for something more traditional, then Nielsen is a useful options. Their business operations operate on the premise that they are able to figure out exactly what consumers watch and buy.

Understanding these two factors, businesses will have the opportunity to be able to expect whether their product will be successful or not on the market. Their market research is conducted through utilizing data, intelligence, metrics, and messages to provide you with an accurate picture of how the market is going to treat your product.

In addition, to incorporate a real element into the market research, Nielsen also gathers data from household panellists. By getting information from real people, you can also be certain that the market research includes the “human element” that is so important.

Now Research

The next top option is Now Research. Unlike the first two options that are strictly about providing you information on market research, now research provides users with an extensive range of services such as programming, hosting, sample delivery, scripting, online reporting, and insights about how you can expect your product to fare on the market considering what consumers are looking for.

Like Nielsen, Now Research also incorporates a “human element” into theisr market research. With their services, you’ll have access to 6.5 million consumers and business professionals that have the ability to evaluate your product on its merits.

Lastly, Now Research also has a strong standing within the market research industry. This means that it has the ability to collaborate with some of the leading market research companies in the field.


Affinova offers brands a platform that guides them to understand the market and how the market operates in its current state. The process of the platform begins with exploration, to optimization, and finally resulting in action that is going to lead your brand to success.

The platform at Affinova is wholly interactive, which means that you can import your creative assets, collaborate with team members who can each contribute to explore interests and develop alternatives.

After this stage, you can visualize and manage your creative space as a whole. The solutions that you find at Affinova are tailored to your specific brand so you can get the information that is going to affect only your product alone.


While many market research platforms operate on a domestic scale, Kantar is a bit different. Kantar is highly renowned for its global appeal and its ability to take into account the market on a global level.

With global outreach and perception, you can get an idea of now how your product will fare on only domestic grounds, but also overseas. The great thing about Kanar is that not only does it provide great inclusive market-research services, but it also publishes reports and has an active presence in the market research industry.

Its reporters and researchers are experts in the field that look at all types of product appeal. For example, you’ll be able to find market research for specific digital products, foods, business solutions, and so much more.


Some market research companies stress the importance of raw data, others look at what consumers demands are in the present and in the future. Another approach is the B2B approach, which truly stresses the customer-brand relationship and the effect it has on success.

In addition, Vocatus also looks at not only the consumer, but the employees within the company. By incorporating these “real” elements into determining the success of your brand, you’re getting a more real and quality driven approach.


The next option is Gongos, which is another company that is extremely popular in the market research field. Gongos is a highly outcome-driven and visionary company, taking into account not what elements are going to make your brand succeed, but what the result is going to be of implementing your brand into a certain area of the market.

Gongos has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Cadbury and Blue Bunny. To create successful brands within the market, Gongos also appeals to data research, trends, and technology. With this type of approach, you’re getting an inclusive and thorough market research outline for your brand.


Rather than rely on strict research or data, Touluna relies upon customer opinions and surveys. This allows your brand to get a real and effective option about how a consumer is going to view your product before it enters the market.

This type of approach allows you to save money in production and advertising if real survey repliers dislike your product. In addition, the survey approach can also tell you about exactly what consumers like and dislike about your product.

You can make the necessary improvements in your current or future products before you send them into the market. This ultimately leads to a strong strategy and the success of your brand.


Some market research companies conduct the research for you, while others companies provide you with an interactive platform for you and your employees to collect data, conduct analysis, and to take action.

Qualtrics is one of those sites that provides you with a successful and strong platform that can help you get the market research solutions that you are looking for. The platform allows you to hear the voice of the customer, engage with employees, received tailored market research, attain academic insights, and to gain a wide ranging review of the product based on customer satisfaction and website feedback.

In many cases, the interactive approach is preferable to other options because it allows you to take part in the process of making sure that your product is going to be successful when it hits the market.

Cello Group

If your brand is health care oriented, then Cello Group is the best option for you. Cello group targets the health care industry when it comes to market research, which means that you’re getting specific market research for your brand.

Once the market research helps you determine how you want your product market, Cello group also can help you with the marketing itself. Cello specializes in marketing operations that can turn health care brands into strong brands within the market.

Another positive factor about Cello is that it also operates on a global scale. It has offices in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, and in the UK. To give you a better indication of Cello Group and its past performance, you have access to financial reports, news, and programs that it features on its website.


Ispos operates on the notion that the market is predictable. There is not one consumer whose buying strategy and choices cannot be assessed. In order to gain strong market research, Ispos questions true consumers and gets their feedback regarding an array of brands on the market, their interests, and what causes them to purchase the brands that they chose.

With this type of approach, you’ll be able to put into perspective just how successful your brand is going to be on the market. Ispos utilizes the predictability of the consumer to determine whether people are likely to buy your product.


Market research is a tough area, and with the many competing companies, it can be difficult to determine which market research group is best for your brand.

The above options are all great, it is just a matter of figuring out which one of the above options suits your needs.

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