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The Genius of Webinars Part 1

webinarsWebinars are becoming more popular with internet marketing tutors, and offer a live, interactive experience for their prospective or current clients.

The amazing thing is, webinars are accessible to everyone in IM, but really should only be used by those who have a particularly good knowledge of a subject.

A webinar enables people to sit and listen to you, and watch you demonstrate anything from an interactive whiteboard to a slideshow presentation. After that, you can do a question and answer session, so you had better be prepared to answer those questions!

The best way to provide a webinar for a subject you are not an expert in, is to have a webinar on rails. This is basically a group of people watching you, and then the Q&A is done afterward via instant messaging – such as Skype. You then publish these Q&A after the webinar as a sort of bonus. Many people have realized that this is an ideal way to go, because for one thing – your webinar can end at a predetermined time, and also, the questions are not putting you on the spot in front of 100 people!

So, let us first take a look at what is needed for a webinar itself. Obviously you need a video conferencing tool that will get all your participants together, with you as the speaker. It would take maybe three pages to review webinar software, or video conferencing software as they are know mainstream, so it is pertinent to offer advice on the best product in the market as a good starter tool. That software is Go To Meeting. As you would expect, it has a free 30 day trial, so you are losing nothing whilst finding your feet. The software enables you to connect with many people at once (up to 15 people with GoToMeeting), and provide a live seminar online using your desktop as a presenting tool. If your webcam has a preview feature, then you can use the audio, application sharing and video all at the same time.

Tomorrow we will look at how you can stage a webinar professionally, and how to make money from them.

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