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The Effective Presell

presellWhere most products fall down, is the presell. To get a prospect warmed up to your sales pitch, or to your product, you have to have a perfect presell, and this can be in the form of an article off-site at an article directory, or even a paid blog post on a popular blog.

The main point is, you have to have a good presell, that gets the reader hooked enough to want to click through to your site in the first place

You could argue, of course, that your traffic comes from email ads or from other sources, but to be fair, if you are not using article marketing or social marketing leverage, then you are missing out on valuable traffic.

So, to get a good presell together you need to have one main and vital ingredient. That is a good story. Some people forget that we as humans like to engage with a story more than a sale pitch, and I have found myself staying longer on websites like Chris Kilber’s site for example, where he actually talks about himself and his life as well as his business. It’s great to get an insight into people as humans, and then actually get interested in their business. So, with a presell, you should make it human, first and foremost. The most ethical way of doing this is actually proving it can work for even the humblest novice, and then telling the world the results. For example, if you have an ebook that tells people how to operate PPC in such a way that they can triple their ROI – what catches the eye more in the following two sentences?

“Laid Off Steel Worker, Joe, from Chicago Earns $2000 PROFIT in PPC in ONE WEEK!”


“Triple your ROI with this new PPC system, earn $2000 in a week!”

The thing is, we have seen headlines like the second example time and time again. Either by professionals or by spammers. So we never know what we’re letting ourselves in for. We tend to trust a headline that we can empathize with.

The story needs to be real. Give your system to a retired truck driver for a week, or an ex army chaplain – whatever will look good as a testimonial from a complete newbie. Write up an article on them, then start to talk about the product – THEN you have a great presell.

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