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The Common Denominator in Sales Pages and Squeeze Pages?

aftereffectsIf you have been struggling with creating your sales pages and squeeze pages, then it’s a fair assumption that you have looked around for some template style software.

Something that you can literally just copy and paste, or better yet, fill in the spaces & paint by numbers. Just like magic, out pops a ready made sales page template.

Have you found that yet? If you have tried some of the products out there, you will no doubt have come across the same problem as thousands of people. Sales page templates and squeeze page templates still rely on one thing – that YOU create something visually stunning, using your own creative mind.

Let’s assume you have a small amount of writing skill, and can put decent copy together. What does your page lack, that most top affiliates and marketers have? There’s usually a common denominator. That is VIDEO. Video on sales & squeeze pages now is very common, and if you haven’t got the resources or time to get this done, you will have to call inthe professionals.

Let’s look at this from the point of view of somebody just starting out, though. If you have just begun your internet marketing journey, you will not have lots of money to pay a video creation expert, or an animator who can put together a great flash intro for your page. Forums have some good resources, and you will find a designer who can create an intro video for you for around $40. For some people, again, this is too much. For a thirty second video, you may not get the kind of animations or impact that you want.

There’s one site that has actually been mentioned here before, that is a wonderful resource for talented artists & designers. If you don’t want to pay top dollar, but want a really top dollar graphic artist – you need to head over to Fiverr.com, because they can help.

Don’t look for sales page designers, or squeeze page designers. Simply look for After Effects artists and animators, or Flash animators, who will offer you up to 1 minute of video (including animated text and great lighting & effects) for just $5. Some of these guys are going through college and looking for an extra income, and some are just plain happy to get their stuff out there for use in their portfolio. Some charge ten times the amount they are charging on Fiverr, but they are literally using the place as marketing for their higher paid services. Pure awesome.

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