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The Bandwagon Method of Traffic Generation

Bandwagon_Method_Of_TrafficWhen you are considering opening an affiliate site, you are usually up against some of the best marketers in the world.

If you don’t get any traffic in the first six months, you would certainly not be alone. The top marketers will usually dominate page one for a long time, and it can be very hard to shake their hold on the top spot.

There are methods that involve a little ingenuity that can see you ranking very highly for a niche, and channeling that traffic straight to an affiliate product.

To get an idea of this particular method – the Bandwagon method – all you will usually need is a newspaper or magazine, and the ability to create good copywriting on your website. If you are buying an off the shelf affiliate website, then this is fine, but it will need the first 300 words of each page tweaking.

What you must do is flick through a magazine or newspaper until you see the advertisements for products that you could tie into an affiliate product. Let’s say you open the newspaper to an advertisement for a new teeth whitening product. You must then find a great eBook out there that can teach you how to whiten teeth naturally. What you do next is create a webpage devoted to niche keywords based on the teeth whitening product in the newspaper. The only difference is, it will be all about the negative aspects of it. Each page you write will eventually steer the reader in the direction of the eBook you have affiliated with.

This works for two very good reasons. The first, is that everyone likes to find negative points about a product they want to buy. The second, if you are picking a product that has no status on Amazon (in the best sellers etc.) and a product that nobody can affiliate with, then you are usually going to find a great keyword for it – which you can rank for. The reason people will flock to your site, is that the company is advertising nationally, so they will be attracting a lot of internet searches. You tap into those searches, and completely avoid the bandwagon that people have jumped on for the actual product you are affiliated with!

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