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Taking Your Profits Offline

direct_mailTaking your profits offline

If you were to choose between a free method of contacting people and a paid method, each one having its particular strong points and drawbacks, you would probably opt for the free method. Then if you were told that by using the paid method, you could in fact put your prices up, and actually get more out of a client than you could with the free method – would you rethink?

Offline marketing has for some time been dominated by those with thousands of dollars to spend, and they spend it on a marketing campaign that hits mailboxes of business opportunity seekers daily. The reason they do this, is because offline to online conversions in sales have a much higher lifetime value, as opposed to buying a guide that you found through being on an IM list. The price may not actually be higher in the initial purchase, but because these are people who are usually still finding opportunities in the mainstream media such as magazines etc., you will find that they need much more training to get where they want to be, and therefore require more products.


A little while ago I spoke with a British entrepreneur who relies on direct offline marketing for his primary income. The way he began was not with flashy booklets, or with expensive color brochures. What he did was speak with various people in his contact list about a JV. He put together five offers, which he bundled together in one mailing. He paid for the cost of the mailing, as well as the design of a site that encompassed the five offers. One of those offers was his offer. By covering the cost with four other marketers, he’d managed to go out to a bigger list, and also, because his initial offer was FREE to the client, he got the lion’s share of the traffic, and converted much of those email addresses in the following months with the client on his list. Take away this thought with you, if nothing else: with every paid form of advertising, there is somebody somewhere getting it (like for like) for free. You can do this if you just find the angle. This British marketer had the good mind to think over a project before diving in and risking his funds. With the majority of marketing methods out there, you can probably interest at least one other person. This means there’s an opportunity to half the cost right away.

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