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Taking a Vacation? Turn it into Cash When You Get Home!

Let’s face it – vacations are NOT always enjoyable. Between the planning, the packing, the traveling and then the week-long vacation you need after you return just to unwind, it can be more frazzling than not.

 But on top of that, many of us suffer from forfeited income while we’re away because we aren’t physically in our offices making money. Even if you have the type of internet marketing business that runs itself, you will probably still feel some twinge of guilt as a result of playing and not working. When you come home, you’ve got a lot of work to do to catch up.

 Well, what if I told you that you can help yourself offset at least a little bit of the pain of coming back off of your “vacation high?” This is something I do almost every time I get back from just about any trip where I return with something to “write home about.”

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Vacation

I have used the following model more than once after a vacation to a well-traveled area where there is a lot of interest, both domestically and internationally. When I go on vacation, I come home and put my travel adventures online. Depending upon the destination, I may add my findings to an already existing website that I have set up for vacations, or I might begin a completely new website altogether.

 With either option I choose, I usually follow something of a pattern in documenting my vacation. First, I make a folder of any pictures I took during the trip. I resize them (if they’re too big) so they fit neatly into the confines of the web page and don’t take too long to load.

 Secondly, I divide my stay into some sort of logical order. Options include things like a daily diary sort of setup. Using this model, you might go through everything you did the first, second, third and fourth days in order. Try to leave out monotonous details that readers will neither find enjoyable or informative.

 Another option is to outline which parts of the trip were most fascinating. Did you go jet skiing on the ocean? Did you take pictures beneath the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Did you have a bad experience making arrangements for a glass bottom boat tour? Share anything noteworthy with your audience, and you can build quite a following, especially if your topics are helpful and contain valuable advice.

 Don’t forget that readers love pictures and video! You can stand out from the multiple masses of other vacation-to-cash types by starting a vacation website and making a Facebook fan page and Pinterest profile for that website alone. Not too many people really ramp up their traffic – they just make a site and leave it – but you can stand out by building out your brand here and leveraging any ad revenue and affiliate programs you might want to place on the site.

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