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Article Popularity

A post on a blog can take you from zero traffic to a thousand visitors a month if you do it right. This is not a pie in the sky statement either. Most bloggers will tell you that at some point, they wrote an article that catapulted them in the rankings for a search term, and then gave them steady traffic thereafter. The reason for this is often quite simple. It’s all in the way you finish a post/article. Let’s say you are covering some news about Twitter, which is just general interest – nothing controversial. You should write as ...

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Garbage Linking

Some people still build links the old fashioned way – with their own two hands. If you are building links, by hand, avoid these horrible practices at all costs! 1.       When signing a blog comment, never use keywords instead of your name 2.       Never add lots of website URLs to your forum signature 3.       Never add lots of posts to a forum that say nothing but “great post!”, “i agree totally” and “yes, that’s a good point” – instant banning…

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How To Be a Hero In 7 Days

Seven days is not a long time, although you can accomplish a hell of a lot if you put your mind to it. For example, what if you could expand your list AND your traffic AND your profit in just seven days, and I could teach you this in under seven minutes? Would you be interested? Then read on. There are two things all internet marketers should have, and should keep in great shape – a list, and a blog. Your list is you immediate money maker, and should always be kept up to date with what you are doing. ...

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