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video marketing blogs

Video Marketing Blogs: Benefits of Vlogging

Video marketing blogs are a great alternative to regular blogging in a number of ways. Regular blogging, which is basically the act of writing load upon load of content and hoping it sticks, takes a long time, gets boring after a while unless you’re a natural-born writer, and tend to drain the life out of anyone who does it full-time for a living. Unless, as aforementioned, they actually enjoy it. For the rest of the world who gasps at the thought of sitting behind a computer all day unless it’s to play World of Warcraft, video marketing blogs offer a ...

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How to edit your videos

How to Edit Your Videos for Online Use

How to edit your videos for use in online marketing, YouTube promotions and branding is something you need to know how to do – and do well – if you want your viewers to keep returning to your website or your YouTube channel. Why is it so important that you edit videos before posting them? There are several reasons. First, edited videos show your viewers that you care about their viewing experience. Nothing screams shoddy workmanship like a video that you uploaded straight from the card on your camera. Almost every video, no matter how perfectly it was filmed, needs ...

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Sales videos

Sales Videos: Making Videos that Convert

Sales videos are a great way to build confidence in your buyers before they click the “buy” button on your website and fork over their credit card information. There are a lot of shady operations on the internet, and your buyers are well aware of that. It’s up to you to help them set aside that mentality when they come to your website, and making sales videos is a great way to do that. Sales videos that feature a person – preferably the website owner or product creator – often help conversions the most. Why? Because the fact that the ...

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video for blogs

Video for Blogs: Creating Blog-Friendly Videos

Video for blogs and websites needs to fit certain parameters for building viewership and attracting new visitors to your site. If you know how to properly optimize YouTube videos for search engine friendliness, then you’re halfway there already. But there are a few other things you should know before you try integrating video for blogs into your posts. Your video for blogs needs to differ from regular YouTube videos in a few ways. First, while you can upload YouTube videos up to 15 minutes in length, this is generally poor practice when used in video for blogs. They’re simply too ...

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Hosting webinars

Hosting Webinars for Customer Retention and Extra Content

Hosting webinars as an internet marketer is a great way to build trust with your customers and create extra content for your websites at the same time. Hosting webinars, in case you’re not already familiar with them, involves using a webinar software to connect with viewers. You, the speaker, have a variety of features available at your fingertips. Hosting webinars is also a good way to keep your customers in touch with you on a regular basis. In today’s guide, we’ll talk about how you can use webinars to spark productive conversation between you and your customers and how you ...

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