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How Not to Blog…

Instead of fielding the usual “How to do this” post, I thought it would be a good idea to let you know some of the worst ways you can entertain your readers, and how to avoid them. Its a fairly simple checklist, and pretty common sense throughout – but I’m sure 90% of us are guilty of not thinking the odd post through, and wishing we’d thought about it more. So, here’s how to lose subscribers and alienate readers:

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Modify, Then Modify Some More

Keywords are a killer to find if you are in a very narrow niche. They can sometimes lead to a dead end, and push you in the direction of another niche, and this becomes a frustrating, cyclic problem that will not feel good, and it won’t be enjoyable. If this happens on a regular basis, then you will most likely not just be looking for a new niche, but a different business. The truth of the matter is, it can be very simple to actually find a better keyword than the main niche search term, if you have the right ...

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