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Driving mobile traffic

Simple Ways Your Can Drive Floods of Mobile Traffic to Your Site…

Driving mobile traffic to your website is getting easier these days with more people owning mobile devices around the globe. I just read a rather disturbing statistic this morning that said something to the effect that more people around the world have some sort of mobile device than have a toothbrush. Not only is this disgusting, but it just goes to show how increasingly important it is for you to make sure your website caters to mobile users as well as computer users. There’s more to encouraging mobile traffic than just making your site mobile friendly. You have to make ...

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Fun Facebook Strategies to Tap into

Is your Facebook fan page growing a little boring? Do you find yourself logging into Facebook for business purposes  and checking your personal profile more often than you update your business profile? Both of these questions address very common problems amongst the internet marketing community, so don’t feel bad if you have to answer “yes” in your mind.

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own a domain

Should You Own Your Own Domain?

Should you own your own domain? And if so, what should it be? Should it be a .com, .me, .org, .net, or .info? There are so many options – and even more coming down the pike with different extensions now that so many .com’s have been scooped up – that it’s mindboggling to even think about what to buy and what to do with a domain once you buy it. When someone asks me if they should buy or own their own domain, I don’t automatically tell them yes or no. I want to know what they are going to ...

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Social marketing examples

Social Marketing Examples: Way to Market Your Website

Social marketing examples will help you determine how you can market your website for free using popular social networking platforms. Here we’ll discuss three of the top social networking platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you’ve never seen social marketing examples before, or are new to the subject, don’t worry. We’ll start with just the basics for now. Just know that, for the most part, social marketing is fairly easy, especially when compared with graphic designing or website coding. Social Marketing Examples: Facebook Facebook is an incredibly popular social network, both in the personal and commercial sectors. Promoting your ...

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Search Engine Submission Optimization – Why You Don’t Have to Pay For it

Have you been trying to get more traffic to your web site? Getting traffic to the website is of utmost importance, especially for a business. Some people pay big money to someone else to do this service for them. However, anyone can do this without paying big money for the help. As such, I am going to share some tricks to help you with your own search engine submission optimization.

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