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start internet marketing

Start Internet Marketing Today: What’s Holding You Back

Start internet marketing right now. No, I mean it. Right now. You’ve been thinking about it, talking about it, researching it, and quite frankly, doing everything you can to create “busy work” for yourself. And what has it gotten you? Probably not even your first dollar. Now granted, it’s prudent to do a little research before you jump headlong into something. But at some point, you have to wean yourself off the milk and take a bite into that big juicy steak, even if you only have baby teeth. The whole holdup behind you not trying to start internet marketing ...

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Quick Money Making Ideas

Quick Money-Making Ideas: Not Always a Solution

Quick money-making ideas are ideas that sound good in the here and the now. They’re not meant as long-term solutions, and for more reasons than one. In some cases, I’m preaching to the choir when I say this. Many of those who have been in internet marketing for a while know full well what the dangers of trying to make a quick buck entail. But there are always newbies coming up that get sucked into the “get rich quick” mentality who need to steer clear of “quickie” moneymaking. Trying to get in on quick money-making ideas sounds great in the ...

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Who’d Have Thought it? You the Expert?

A lot of people forget that they can position themselves as the expert in just about any field, just by the way they talk in public, and by the way the present their wares. If you are an affiliate marketer, then positioning yourself as the authority on the product you are selling is absolutely crucial to your website’s success. You need to be able to create a sense of trust between the page and the visitors so that they are 100% buying into everything you say about the product. This doesn’t mean to say you simply make it up, and ...

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Interviews Schminterviews

I often get funny looks when I tell people I’ve had an interview. There’s still some sort of stigma attached to that sentence “I was interviewed today by…”, and I’m not sure if its a good or a bad thing. When we hear that someone was interviewed, we think of TV or Radio, or a movie star, or some sort of personality or celebrity. When we hear that a person was interviewed on a podcast or on a blog, we tend not to pay much attention, unless we are big fans of the person being interviewed. The reason, I think, ...

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