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Email marketing service

Email Marketing Service: What’s Good, What’s Not

Email marketing service software is a great help when you need to send mass emails. But when not done the right way, these services can go awry. Not all email marketing service types are made the same, so in this guide, we’ll explore a little bit about what you might find in some. Before we start, realize that many of the name brand email marketing service types are quite fine to use. You just have to know their strengths and weaknesses before using them. Knowing them ahead of time will help you know how to implement the software to get ...

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How to use Tumblr

How to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Website

How to use Tumblr – this is something a lot of website owners want to know so they can expand their social media presence. Tumblr, like any good social network, enables users to post updates via text, photo and video. But there’s a certain recipe to making a successful Tumblr website. This guide will show you how to use Tumblr in such a way that you attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. And this website, unlike Facebook and Twitter, lets you customize your page to more easily brand your blog, so to speak. So not only does ...

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Best blog themes

Best Blog Themes for Internet Marketing

Best blog themes for internet marketing are often not the ones you would choose for a template of your choice, design-wise. Oftentimes, bloggers are drawn to fancy color schemes with flashy background graphics. While these are great themes for a college kid chronicling his life as he gets his journalism degree or a stay at home mom who loves to upload pictures of her kids, they’re not so ideal for someone who’s actually trying to make a living. The problem with some of those themes is that they take a long time to load, they distract from the purpose of ...

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Ebook covers

eBook Covers: Think Outside the Binding

eBook covers are digitally crafted graphics designed to make your eBook PDF look like more than just 35 pages in a Microsoft Word document. Your hum-drum file will turn into a work of art when you create eBook covers for your digital products. But eBook covers aren’t just about one 3D graphic with a front cover and a binding. Depending on the product you want to sell, you might need multiple covers in different sizes as well as different binding types. For instance, workbooks and study guides might sell better if they look like they’re spiral bound in the picture. If you include ...

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How to make a blog website

How to Make a Blog Website That Isn’t Just a Blog

How to make a blog website that looks like a website but is one that feels like and is formatted similarly to a blog is a great way to make things easier on yourself and your readers. Did you know that you can create an entire website out of a blogging platform like WordPress? You can, and in doing so, you save yourself a lot of hassle in HTML and CSS coding or in trying to hire someone else to do it for you. In order to pull this off, you need to pick a template that doesn’t scream, “I’m ...

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