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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Images Look Better

Blog images are obviously one of the first things a visitor may see when they hit your page. They will absorb what that image is, much the same as we do with newspapers and magazines, and the image will stay with them throughout the piece. Notice the image I have used with this article? You are no doubt still thinking of that image as you read this piece, and trying to actually associate it with the text. This is mainly how our brains work (not to get all medical on you!), as it associates images with the memories of the ...

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One Blog to Rule Them All…

Blogging is, in essence, fun. The only problem people have, is updating all their online presences at once. This used to be a breeze with tools like Ping.FM, but even that has started to fall down slightly with its API. The very best way to control all your social media platforms from one place, is with your blog. WordPress is an ideal candidate for this type of thing, because there are loads of really cool plugins just waiting to make your life easier. If a plugin does not exist for the job you want doing – you can easily hire ...

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