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Easy Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Site Speed – IMSCTV

I have been asked several times today by members and customers for tips on how to speed up their sites. So, I thought I would change things up a little bit and show some simple tactics we use to boost site speed on most of our “Money” blogs. As you know, we have a HUGE site here and 100s if not 1000s of blog posts and a massive members site as well, so speed is critical. In fact, most people do not realize just how much traffic they lose by having a slow site. A recent study by Amazon showed ...

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Three WordPress Plugins and Widgets That Make Life So Much Easier

As an avid blogger, I’m a huge fan of easy-to-use WordPress plugins that make functioning inside WordPress and browsing your blog or website so much easier. Depending on the plugins you pick, you might drastically speed up or slow down the speed of your website. So it’s not necessarily wise to go plugin-happy when you go widget shopping. It’s better to have too few plugins and not have as many bells and whistles on your site than to have too many and make viewers wait forever for your site to load. That being said, there are some staple plugins I’ve ...

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Making Your Affiliate Site Phone-Friendly

Mobile friendly sites are more profitable than non-mobile friendly sites in this era of internet marketing than they ever were before. The statistics behind this phenomenon become ever more staggering. You know a trend is here to stay when Google writes a whole book about it (which they aptly titled, “The Mobile Playbook,” available for free online). As I’ve touched on in many posts before, making your site mobile friendly is more important than ever. If your site can’t be seen on a mobile device, you’re not going to make any sales from potential customers who are without a doubt ...

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managing your plugins

Managing Your Plugins: Less is More

Less is more when it comes to managing your plugins on WordPress, although it doesn’t seem that way when you have a catalog of tens of thousands of plugins to choose from. It’s easy to go plugin-happy and start installing each and every plugin that looks like it might be slightly useful or entertaining. First you have your social media plugins, then your contact forms, then your CAPTCHA forms and before you know it, you have a plugin list as long as Santa’s naughty list. But managing your plugins takes skill. You must learn which ones you really need and ...

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make your website faster

Making Your Website Faster

Making your website faster is now one of the best ways to make Google happy. Forget about optimizing your page for keyword phrases and the like; now you need to work on load times and server-side settings. But before you go getting your pants in a knot over having to make changes through your hosting server or making a lot of HTML changes to your page, realize that you don’t necessarily need all of that to make your site faster. There are some organic ways to do it if you really want to know how.  One of the first things ...

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