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Anyone for Jiggling?

A little known, but very cool, little website called Jiggling the Web is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so. By stripping away all the mumbo jumbo you have been fed by professional SEO companies, and giving you the straight facts about how you can rank your pages fast and easily, the website is getting critical and cult acclaim. The site is written in a somewhat “off the wall” and informal manner, which makes it easy for newbies to get into, and is written by Michael Campbell, who devised the simple method in 2007.

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Giving it Away…

Giveaways are a vastly overlooked way to generate traffic from future clients, and are very easy to set up. The very best way to do this, as most marketers have found, is on Twitter and Facebook. For this article, we will look at Facebook, because it seems to be the most rapidly growing area of marketing for IMers today, and is a hot topic debated on most forums.

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One Blog to Rule Them All…

Blogging is, in essence, fun. The only problem people have, is updating all their online presences at once. This used to be a breeze with tools like Ping.FM, but even that has started to fall down slightly with its API. The very best way to control all your social media platforms from one place, is with your blog. WordPress is an ideal candidate for this type of thing, because there are loads of really cool plugins just waiting to make your life easier. If a plugin does not exist for the job you want doing – you can easily hire ...

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The Twitter Revolution!

Twitter is an amazing animal. It can take a brand new site and turn it into a thriving community, if you are willing to spend a few hours looking for targeted followers, and actually taking the time to speak with people about their interests. The best thing to come out of twitter is we can find out what our prospective clients are doing, and where they are doing it. There are some great tools out there for various things, and I have listed a few of them here. Be sure to let me know how you get on with them!

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