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4 Fundamental Foundations of Internet Marketing Success

There are some absolute basic areas and foundations of every internet marketing business that you should have. Even if you are an offline business with an online presence, you need to tap into these fundamentals to maximize your online success. Get Blogging Today It seems that everyone has a blog these days, right? Well, your business sites need them too to help boost your presence online. Empowering your business site with the potential reach of a targeted blog can help you in many areas. First of all you can give you tremendous advantages with search engine optimization and actually make ...

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Twitter, Twitter Marketing and it’s Quest for Global Domination

Are you a Twitterholic? Have you considered Twitter Marketing? Have you been bitten by the Twitter bug? Believe me, it won’t be long before marketing on twitter is a critical part of your marketing plan for business. Most people have the misconception that Twitter is only for people who want to talk about “what they had for lunch” or “what music they are listening too”. If that’s what you are thinking, boy, are you in for a surprise. What if I told you, for your business, you can dramatically increase sales, create a new stream of traffic and paying customers ...

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Twitter is Dead!

A headline like that did it’s job for the majority of my readers just now. It grabbed your attention, and you were intrigued enough to read the first paragraph. If I had some great news about a new Facebook software that made you money, I don’t doubt you would have kept on reading too. (I hope you still ARE reading of course!) This article is in fact all about attention getting. Children are absolute geniuses when it comes to getting attention. The reason is, that they have little or no inhibitions. If they want you to look at them or ...

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Article Popularity

A post on a blog can take you from zero traffic to a thousand visitors a month if you do it right. This is not a pie in the sky statement either. Most bloggers will tell you that at some point, they wrote an article that catapulted them in the rankings for a search term, and then gave them steady traffic thereafter. The reason for this is often quite simple. It’s all in the way you finish a post/article. Let’s say you are covering some news about Twitter, which is just general interest – nothing controversial. You should write as ...

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Social Privacy and Ethical Marketing

The privacy lawsuits and problems, which have shocked many people online, have been a widely debated topic in internet marketing. Some marketers are capitalizing on certain holes in privacy to target a demographic that would otherwise have been impossible (or in the very least difficult) before the advent of Facebook and other social sharing sites. The craziest thing is, not one of us will hold our hands up and say we don’t like geo-targeting a campaign that has been possible because of slack privacy on the social media site’s behalf. We are out here to make money, and as long ...

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