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connecting with your audience

Building Loyalty and Trust By Connecting With Your Audience

Does your audience trust you? Are you sure? I’m assuming that you’ve heard of Oprah Winfrey right? Everything this woman touches turns to gold, which has made her a nice, multi-billion dollar fortune. She didn’t make her money selling stocks creating some sort of revolutionary product; she made her fortune as a talk show host that became wildly popular because she had a unique confessional style that allowed her to connect with her audience on an emotional level. In short, her viewers grew to love and trust her. They would literally cling on to every word she says. This level ...

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internet marketing success

Internet Marketing Domination: What REALLY Works

We can all agree that the state of internet marketing is always in flux. Things change so rapidly, that it can be difficult to keep up at times. Though the basics of online marketing remain the same, the various methods in which we present our message is always changing. The internet is incredibly dynamic, which is one reason why internet marketing is SO exciting. As technology advances, new opportunities arise that allow you to market to your prospective consumers. Simply spamming blog comments and ranking sites through automated backlinks just won’t cut it anymore (thank goodness). However, that doesn’t mean ...

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building a connection

Building Connections: Have You Been Doing it Wrong All Along?

In my last post, I touched on one of the most important, yet surprisingly overlooked aspects of internet marketing; connecting with your audience. Through branding, transparency, and presenting your own personal opinion on topics, you will build loyalty and trust within your target market. My initial plan was not to create a series of posts dedicated to this topic, but once I hit the “publish” button, I realized that there’s so much more to the subject, and explaining it may really be helpful to some of my readers. So, for this post, I’d like to go more in depth and ...

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facebook marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

Although we called this the Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing this article is for EVERYONE who uses Facebook for marketing. Research suggests that nearly one out of every four people in the world will have a social media account by 2017 (emarketer). Not since the creation of the internet has something directly impacted so many people in such a profound way as social media has. For marketing purposes, there is no better opportunity to engage your target audience then appearing where you KNOW they are going to be. Unfortunately, most marketers simply have no idea how to actually use such ...

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internet marketing principles

4 Internet Marketing Practices that You SHOULD Be Doing

While basic internet marketing practices remain the same (providing a solution to the problems of your audience), the avenues in which you present this solution are always changing. The internet is incredibly dynamic. As technology advances, more opportunities to market to your target viewers arise. Simply generating backlinks pointing towards your money site won’t cut it anymore. So, in the spirit of providing helpful information, I’m going to share a few of the methods that the top marketers have been utilizing, and will continue to use in the foreseeable future.  Increase Visual Content Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed ...

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