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Physical vs. Digital

We see eBooks all over the internet now, and even the giants like Amazon have their Kindle downloads etc. The developers for the gurus are forever inventing new ways for you to access content: protected PDF, community based member access area, and more. One method you may not have even contemplated, is physical product selling.

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Annoying Sales Page Techniques…

It used to be pretty annoying when you would click the back button, and be faced with a popup. Can you remember how that was phased out, and you hardly saw it? Well, for some reason it has resurfaced in a BIG way, and there are not many sales pages I hit today without at least one popup telling me to WAIT! Because there was another offer on the table now, and I could save even more money! Well it just sucks. We know it, and the marketers know it. These popups are becoming increasingly annoying because we are oversold, ...

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Refund or Provide Value?

Sometimes we get it wrong, and we have a small backlash of upset customers to deal with. More often than not, we dispatch with these irate or angry customers with a refund and an apology. Then, we hope that this is where it will end, and if they purchase again, then we hope that they will be more satisfied, and we will have done things better for them. Truth be told, these customers are the ones who can really improve your business, and tell you a lot about how to produce a winning product.

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Autoresponder Magic

Autoresponders really take the weight off you when it comes to list management, and if you are in Internet Marketing, then you need Aweber, or Get Response – or any very good list management service. There’s lots of methods in keeping your list happy, and none more so interesting that this method. When I signed up to a list the other day, I was greeted by the list owner with a regular auto response. Then two days later, they sent out a mailer which totally caught me off guard. Not because the content was alarming in any way (it was ...

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How to Upset People and Make Money

Frankly, that title is misleading. I did it on purpose, however, to make a point. When people read a title, and then they view a page that gives them the opposite of that information, they do one of two things; they click back, or they read WHY the information has changed. Depending on your subject matter, they’ll stick around. Here’s why:

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