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promoting your blog

Promoting Your Blog in an Inundated Internet

Promoting your blog in an inundated world of cyber knowledge is a daunting task to say the least. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but sticking with it is even more difficult. The temptation of quitting is always just a click away as you trudge through a seemingly endless world of bookmarking sites, RSS feeders and the next new Facebook wannabe. But promoting your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, boring or mindless if you don’t want it to be. The whole point of promoting it is to get people to read it. So if you’re going about it ...

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What is search engine marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is search engine marketing? Search engine marketing, or SEM, is to your promotional tactics as search engine optimization is to your organic search tactics. Basically, once you’ve finished your SEO on the page, you need to go all SEM on it. This is usually done through social media venues and RSS. There are more and more search engine marketing tactics coming out every day. Tactics for using Facebook and Twitter are constantly getting altered as smaller social media platforms start taking center stage. Sites like Tumblr are becoming more prevalent for small businesses and large websites alike, and Pinterest ...

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How to go viral

How to Go Viral: Are You Taking the Wrong Approach?

How to go viral – this is a phenomenon that every internet marketer wants to obtain, but one that most get wrong 99% of the time. Why? Because they always take the wrong approach. They have the wrong mentality when creating and promoting an article, video or website that they wish to have go viral, and as well-intentioned as they may be, they generally fall short. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know how to go viral. The problem is that you don’t determine what goes viral; the internet market does. That is, you can’t necessarily produce a video, point ...

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RSS for blogs

RSS for Blogs: How and Why You Should Submit Your Feeds

RSS for blogs is the blogger’s dream come true when it comes to free traffic. If you don’t like to write articles and don’t care to pay for paid search traffic in order to attract visitors, submitting your blog’s RSS link to RSS directories is a great way to build backlinks and give your site a little Google juice. You don’t have to be a marketing genius or a web development expert to submit these feeds, either. Once you know where to find your feed, it’s easy to submit RSS for blogs to each directory. Let’s take a look at ...

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Social networking plugins

Social Networking Plugins : Connect with Your Readers

Social networking plugins on your blog serve several purposes. As an internet marketer, you want your site visitors to track down your activities anywhere at any time. The easier you make this task for them, the more likely they are to keep you in mind when they want to catch up on the latest information in your authority niche. Social networking plugins look like little icon buttons on the sidebar or navigation bar of your website. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and StumbleUpon are often the most popular plugin links to direct site traffic towards. Feedburner, an RSS feed manager, ...

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