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Weekend Warrior: Getting Motivated for Weekend IM

If there’s anything we love to avoid on the weekend, it’s hard work. Sure, you might take a half hour out of your day to mow the lawn, fix the sink, water the plants or weed the garden. But when was the last time you sat down at your computer and plugged away for hours at a new blog post, a video review or a new eBook? That’s what I thought – you probably can’t remember.

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Five Ways to Increase Twitter Traffic

If you’re an internet entrepreneur, you’re probably shaking your head at how few Twitter followers you have and how many Facebook followers you have. Why so many Facebook fans and so few Tweeters? There are plenty of studies behind the psychology behind the whole Facebook versus Twitter battle, but they mean little for you unless you know how they apply in reality. Here’s the lowdown: a lot of people just view Twitter as a place to use hashtags, read celebrity gossip and do little else. They’re not on it to make business decisions, unless they’re hardcore followers of some marketpreneur. ...

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engaging your audience

Engaging Your Audience in Social Media

Audience engagement is crucial in your social media. And that’s not just on your Facebook and Twitter profiles – it’s everywhere you have an internet presence where customers or clients can rate you, comment on your profile, “like” you or pass on what you have to say. Things like Google Plus and Google Plus Pages are beginning to take more precedence in the online marketplace, even though not too many people actually like using these entities in place of Facebook as Google originally desired. Going back to the idea of engaging your audience on your social media platforms, you must ...

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daily blogging

Daily Blogging: Keeping Up with it for Real

Daily blogging is harder than it sounds. Everyone thinks they have it within themselves to sit down and contribute one post per day to their blogs. But how many actually do? Not as many as you would expect. The thing about having high aspirations for internet marketing versus the actual drive for it is that those with aspirations often put their goals on too high of a pedestal for human reach. Those with the drive, though, are often burned out quickly, so there really isn’t a good emotion to pinpoint as the one you should have as an internet marketer. ...

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