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The 10 Step Product Launch Blueprint

Every year thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs pour their heart and soul (not to mention their money) into creating a product that inevitably crashes and burns harder than the Hindenburg. Perhaps they didn’t do the proper market research to ensure that people actually wanted what they’re offering? Perhaps they didn’t come up with the correct pre-launch plan to ensure that there was some sort of hype or excitement surrounding their subsequent product launch? Maybe they didn’t have the help and support of others within the niche to gain the reach necessary to drive enough revenue? Today, I’m going to provide you ...

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internet marketing campaigns

12 Tips for Creating Internet Marketing Campaigns That Rock – Part 2

In Part 1 of our series, I covered 12 easy-to-follow ideas to help improve any marketing campaign.  Part 1 can be found HERE.  In Part 2, I will further expand on how to market your product/services to the masses for maximum results.  Creating Your Product / Product Launch Tip #1 – Focus specifically on what your audience WANTS, but also add in what they NEED.  Tip #2 – Survey your target market to find whether they would prefer videos, text, or both.  Some people hate to read, while others dislike sitting through lengthy videos.  Tip #3 – It is absolutely acceptable ...

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