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creating a sales funnel

Creating Your First Sales Funnel: Product Creation

I’ve been in the internet marketing game for quite some time and one thing that I’ve come to notice (you probably have too) is that there are rarely, if ever, internet marketing resources that provide the full picture. What I mean by this is that the majority of blogs simply offers small tidbits of information in each post, but never actually goes into detail about how it all fits together. So, in order to be a badass rebel, I’m going to go against the grain and provide an in depth look at exactly what you need to create and sell ...

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Affiliate Marketing vs. Creating Your Own Product

The age old question — which is the best option for Internet Marketers?  Should you get involved with affiliate marketing or create your own product?  If you took a group of 100 successful Internet Marketers, you would most likely get mixed reviews from all 100.  The answer is actually quite simple.  The “best” is subjective.  Both have their pros and their cons.  Both can be extremely profitable revenue sources if employed correctly.  It is up to you, as the marketer, to decide which option suits your needs.  There is no right or wrong route as both affiliate marketing and creating ...

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Mobile Apps for IM?

You may have seen the mobile eBooks, iPhone apps, Android apps and Facebook apps that are tipped to be the biggest thing on the internet since time began. Well, the problem with these apps is that nobody has a real idea about how their business can actually get into the marketplace and stand alongside the already well placed companies. If you have an eBook or product you think would appeal to mobile users, who want to access your content on the move, the process is quite simple.

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Backlink Booster Discount Coupon

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