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how to work Twitter

How to Work Twitter: IM Edition

How to work Twitter specifically for internet marketing is a mystery to some but an obvious choice for free PR to others. The truth is, using social networking strategies like tweeting opens up a lot of free, unlimited avenues for advertising and creating connections in your industry and in your own niche. Knowing how to work Twitter helps a lot when it comes time to launch a new website or blog, promote a new product or advertise affiliate products. But you must tread carefully when doing so to avoid losing followers and loyal fans. How to Work Twitter: First Steps ...

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Blog Commenting That Counts

There are many schools of thought when it comes to blog commenting. Many blogs have now taken the no-follow route, and any PR or link juice that could have been attained before has now been lost, thanks to spam comments and abuse of a pretty well rounded system. Of course, there are still ways that blog commenting can help your website, and indirectly, people have been doing this for a long time. When you think like a marketer, you usually miss the bigger picture. When you start to think like the people that make you a good living – i.e. ...

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Press Release Link Wheels

Press releases have always got a lot of attention from marketers. The sheer size of free press release sites is unbelievable, commanding a high pagerank, and daily fresh content, as well as being syndicated out to hundreds of other sites. When you post a press release, you will often get another ten sites syndicating that press release on their websites, with all anchor texts intact. The truth is, many people leave it at a press release, linking back to their own site, but there are other ways you can feel the power of a PR, and get it to propel ...

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An Introduction to Micro Marketing

Blogging is a classic example of a boom industry. There are people in the industry making a few dollars a week, and then there are people making thousands per day. It all depends on scalability in the niche they choose, and if they are willing to scale the business at all. We forget that some people actually blog for entertainment rather than profit!

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Get Published on CNN, NY Times?

Obviously this is one of those ‘too good to be true’ moments, but seriously – you can get exposure in the world’s top media, and it is completely free to boot. We all know the sheer power of Press releases, and how they can be syndicated across thousands of websites overnight if you have a very popular niche, and we know that the power of articles is not to be sniffed at for their SEO properties, and traffic harnessing power. The only problem is, you are competing daily against all of your competitors – which may run into the thousands. ...

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