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Host a Blog

Host a Blog on Your Own Domain

Host a blog on your own domain – not only because it’s less hassle in the long run, but because you get to fully control the content you post on your blog. True, hosting a blog on your own website does cost many, but the cost is fairly negligible when you consider the alternatives. In this guide, we’ll explore several reasons why you should host a blog, rather than using a free blog on another domain. Of course, there are a few very valid reasons to use free blogs on other sites as well, but for the most overall benefit ...

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Generate Articles

Generate Articles: Ideas for Writing Articles in Bulk

Generate articles for article marketing, and you could become a successful internet entrepreneur. On the surface, it sounds like writing a bunch of articles and submitting them to free article directories is the perfect way to pull in a boatload of cash. But is it really? In truth, to generate articles in bulk poses quite a problem for many people. We’ll take a look at a few different scenarios that internet marketers try in an attempt to make a quick buck here and there. In the end, a few key points are all you need to achieve success. But ignoring ...

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How to market a blog

How to Market a Blog: Five Simple Steps to Success

How to market a blog is a hot topic with internet marketers these days. Blogs, which often are a more entertaining and condensed version of a website, tend to draw readers quickly and lend themselves to going viral due to their sharable nature. Almost every internet marketer wants to mimic the blog success of great bloggers. After all, who wouldn’t want to make $100,000 per month blogging about the topics they love? That’s why blogging is such an inundated industry, which gives you even more reasons why you should know how to market a blog. How to Market a Blog ...

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Make 5 Dollars

Make 5 Dollars: Quick Ways to Make Money Online

Make 5 dollars quick – that’s all some people need to get started making money online. Some beginning internet marketers get so wrapped up in trying to make thousands of dollars per day and then wonder why they fail time after time. They just need to scale back their expectations to begin with, then they can progress to the bigger fish. Starting out with the goal to make 5 dollars per day is a great way to make money online. All you have to focus on in selling one product or service that is fairly inexpensive. Alternatively, you can create ...

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Content bonus

Content Bonus: Turning Readers into Subscribers

Content bonus products are often used to incentivize email list signups. For instance, visitors to your website might be reluctant to share their name and email address with you only in return for a monthly e-letter, because they know you will send them a deluge of sales material that they don’t want. However, the right content bonus ideas can encourage them to sign up for your list as long as they know they’ll get something in return immediately. For many readers, your letter is just another newsletter. For all you know, they’re already subscribed to 10 other e-letter lists. What ...

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