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Digging For Diamonds

On the subject of keywords, one can argue that the more you have to optimize your page, the better. With a page just pasted in really good LSI keywords, and some main niche keywords, you will struggle to get no traffic. Lower competition and longer tail keywords make up a lot of a page’s traffic, so it’s always best to have as many variations as possible. Here’s a great tip for digging these LSI keywords up, that has you recycling results over and over for the keywords you want. I spoke about Google AdWords’ great little tool for checking the ...

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About Stumbling Over a PPC Idea

A funny thing happened to me today that has probably happened to the majority of my readers, therefore I had to share it with you. It happened by accident. I was looking (out of sheer curiosity) at the AdWords Placement tool, to see what a favorite blog of mine got in terms of traffic, and to their AdSense ads. If you don’t have an AdWords account, get signed up for one so you can benefit from tools like this. Whilst I’m unsure whether you actually need an AdWords account to view the placement tool, it’s always worth having one for ...

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