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Wordpress contact form

WordPress Contact Form: Free Plugins You Can Use

WordPress contact form plugins are generally free to the public, which makes your job as a contact management system owner much easier. If you were working in a software like Dreamweaver, you would have to code the contact form yourself using PHP code. But with a free plugin, all the hassle is behind you. A WordPress contact form basically provides you with all the information fields you need from a potential client or customer. Plugins of this type usually include name, email address and message fields. Some even place a CAPTCHA form at the bottom so your odds of getting ...

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HaCkErS – Your New Best Friends

Around three months ago, a site I owned got hacked. It wasn’t anything I did wrong. I simply uploaded the latest CMS for a popular blogging platform, and right away, within 24 hours of it going live, the blog was hacked. If I hadn’t gone to sleep, and stayed awake all night adding patches and plugins to protect the blog for those 24 hours, then I’m sure it would never have been hacked. As it was – I had to go into the SQL and remove all the unwanted problems the hacker had created. Or, more specifically, the hacker’s bot.

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WordPress Themes = Traffic

There are over 25 million WordPress publishers in the World, with under half of those being hosted at WordPress.com. It’s small wonder then, that there are literally hundreds of theme developers making a quiet fortune from free themes. Yes, there does seem to be a slight problem there, because it doesn’t make sense that a free blog theme would make money. Well, the truth is, they are free because of there’s an upsell on the backend of these themes, which inevitably gets purchased usually because the user wants to thank the theme designer.

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Hiding Your Affiliate Links the Easy Way

Have you ever wanted to hide the link in your web page or blog that is actually an affiliate link? Many people pay attention to links before they click to see where they are going next or some people are put off by ugly affiliate links. Also, you don’t want to bleed the Google PR (Page Rank) to your affiliates website. To get around this, you can quickly and easily implement this script to hide your affiliate links and make your links more inviting and cleaner.

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