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A Lesson From the Spammers

As much as we hate those guys, you have a lot to thank spammers for. At least, you have a lot to learn from them. Don’t believe me? Well, the basic principle a spammer works on is that if he throws enough…ah, sticky stuff, then at least some of it will stick. The spammer sits in his basement, on a PC that is only set up for these junk emails and junk links, and he willingly blasts our inbox into oblivion. Small wonder that one of the first things a brand new computer owner looks for online is Spyware or ...

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Going Mobile With Your Business?

It is strange to think that the mobile industry is almost five times as large as the internet, but its a fact. Everyone lives on their phone. They use it for the internet, but primarily, they used phones way before the web even sat on a PC. If you have been wondering how your business can get involved in mobile marketing, then you are ahead of the majority of your competition. Mobile marketing now is seen as the latest and greates craze, and yet there have been savvy marketers seriously earning a fortune, secretly, without hardly any outlay. Its no ...

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Physical vs. Digital

We see eBooks all over the internet now, and even the giants like Amazon have their Kindle downloads etc. The developers for the gurus are forever inventing new ways for you to access content: protected PDF, community based member access area, and more. One method you may not have even contemplated, is physical product selling.

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When You Suck at Planning…

There’s no shame in being scatter brained or if you rush through the planning phase of a project or product. Most entrepreneurs work frantically and at the last minute check over their whole strategy to see where they have skipped ahead or messed up. It is a common trait, and one that can be trained out of even the worst prepared person on earth. Ideas can be the making of a person – if they are actually put into practice, and progressed. Unless you plan an idea, however, they are ultimately worthless.

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Email Marketing and Routines

The most successful email marketing methods are ones that tap into a persons daily or weekly habits. If a person gets into a routine of seeing and reading your articles, then if you provide a call to action (which is another way of saying click this link), then they are more likely to actually do it. To get an idea for this kind of email marketing, simply sit down and think of the things you do every day at a specific time. The easy ones are your morning coffee or tea, or your last hour at the PC spent deleting ...

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