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make your website faster

Making Your Website Faster

Making your website faster is now one of the best ways to make Google happy. Forget about optimizing your page for keyword phrases and the like; now you need to work on load times and server-side settings. But before you go getting your pants in a knot over having to make changes through your hosting server or making a lot of HTML changes to your page, realize that you don’t necessarily need all of that to make your site faster. There are some organic ways to do it if you really want to know how.  One of the first things ...

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Being Careful with PPC

Everyone knows that to get the best return on investment when it comes to pay per click, you have to be in front of the most targeted and red hot buyers there are. If you are not getting in front of the right eyes, then you will be draining you wallet and seeing very little in return. If this has happened to you, it is probably the reason you decided to quit pay per click, and go to search engine optimization instead. That being the long haul, you do not see the result of your labor so quickly, and it ...

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