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Digital Marketing: Keeping Up on Trends

Digital marketing is constantly changing, so it is very important to keep up-to-date on the latest trends and changes, to make sure that you know exactly what consumers are doing and just how to reach them.  With the opening of the 2015 second quarter, now is a better time than any to brush up on the latest trends and see how the strategies than you’ve been using are stacking up. If you want to study these stats in detail, you should read the Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing to have all of your more detailed questions answered, but I will provide ...

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Gaining Trust Through Social Media

Being active on social media can be beneficial for your company in many ways. Social media offers businesses a brand new way of advertising that is more casual and less promotional, which makes customers more likely to directly engage with advertising content, and more likely to actually view ads, click through to your website, and purchase your project—and that is, after all, the purpose of all marketing. One of the big ways that social media sites have changed the advertising and marketing world is they have given companies and individuals who are branding themselves an great opportunity to quickly earn ...

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How to SEO Your Social Media Campaigns

SEO, or search engine optimization, and social media are both highly useful tools to be sure to add into your internet marketing campaign. By using both methods thoughtfully, you can multiply your company website’s views exponentially and build trust, recognition, and visibility, which all lead to higher revenue at the end of each quarter. Although SEO and social media advertising are technically two separate strategies and two different approaches to online marketing, they have many similarities, and they work best when used in combination. To get the most out of a combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing, ...

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Mastering Google AdSense for Maximum Profits

Many internet users are taking the leap from casual web-browsers to serious internet experts.  This is because it has become possible to make real money working from home on the internet.  If you have your own website already, you have probably looked into the many ways that you can start bringing in money through the website. There are a number of different ways to do this, but they can all be quite daunting to the new internet entrepreneur.  Google AdSense has realized that website builders need a more streamlined way to bring in profit from all of their hard work ...

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‘Explainer Videos’ Growing in Popularity

There is a new trend that is growing rapidly in online marketing: explainer videos.  This is a new tool that online marketing managers are using at increasing rates because they have been shown to benefit websites and website statistics in many ways, including increasing a website’s conversions rates, clarifying just exactly what a product is and what makes it so great, and boosting overall sales and revenue—the ultimate goal with any advertising campaign. Conversion Rates in Online Marketing In online marketing, tracking conversion rates is one of the most important things that you need to be doing to make sure ...

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